Sucess, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Ok, this is a short personal brag…and a huzzah for WordPress. Here’s the reason why. I started blogging on MySpace, but wanted a more “grown-up” place to blog. So, I decided to find another arena. I admit I probably didn’t research as I should and I first signed up with Blogger. I did so because the site was associated with Goggle and thought that carried a certain cache. Boy, what a big, fat mistake, not to mention an exercise in frustration!!!!

After setting up my profile, verifying my information, posting a couple of blogs and then logging out, I ended up caught in a nightmare that resembled being caught on a hamster wheel of blogger’s Hades …going round and round no where…and never being able to log back into my own account because they said no account existed. (I knew my info was correct because I keep all log-in info in a Word doc as I make it as a back-up in case of forgetfulness.) Next Blogger had me create another account and allowed me to set up another account/blog using the same username and password!!! That didn’t make me feel very secure. When I finally logged in, the blog I had created just hours before wasn’t there under that user name…but I could see the page from the bookmark I had made…just not log into it or update it or post on it…ggrrrrrrr…!!!!! Anyway, this went on for hours, till I just flat out quit! The email they said they were sending never arrived. The link to write them only sent me to web based answers and a rinky dink forum…and then my brain blew up! Yes, I quit and I’m a very tenacious person.

So, the next day, I started researching, and I found WordPress. With trepidation, I believed enough to give them a try and I set up my blog, made several post and then the moment of truth arrived…my husband made me log out. (FYI, he says he can’t make me do anything.) AAUUGGHHH!!! NO PLEASE! I begged. He told me it was for me own good, so with a heavy heart and a trembling finger I clicked “log out”. The “Doubting Thomas” in me knew I was SOL…

Immediately, I typed in my username and password…drum roll…gasp…there before me was my blog!!!

Well done WordPress…HUZZAH!!


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