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The World According to Watson, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Watson - Babyface

Ok, ok…I know…another pet blog, but, I just can’t help myself this morning. I have discovered the world according to a Miniature Schnauzer is a little different than how you and I would view it.

My little fellow’s name is Watson…I inherited the name when I inherited him, so I not sure if there is a special reason that was his designated given name. I have nicknames…pet names, if you will, for him…Scooter or Scoot are the ones I use most commonly, and hubby has even adopted them. I guess I call him that because he just seems to Scoot around wherever he goes with boundless (and from my viewpoint, envious) energy.

When we took Watson in, he was a few days shy of his first birthday and weighed a whopping 14 pounds. Now remember, I am the gal of previously diverse sized dogs…but 14 pounds is by far the smallest dog I’ve ever had. I have called that size dog an hors d’oeuvre dog. Well, the Burch household has been good for Watson, and at his recent vet visit he weighed a colossal 15.5 pounds. Whoa, hello world, move over Kirstie, call Jenny Craig!! All kidding aside, the vet said he was at a good place and to maintain where he’s at.

Watson’s size belies his heart, his spirit, his courage, his intelligence…and at times, what would seem his foolhardiness. Case in point? Well, not too long after we got him, hubby decided to take Watson on a little adventure to the pet store. On the way into the store, Watson decides to get social with some patrons coming out of the store…along with their bazillion times larger German Shepherd! Watson waltzed right up to Mr. German Shepherd, stood right below his face and chest and stopped. Yummy, shish-kabob on a leash, I’m sure is what most Shepherds might have thought, but fortunately, this one took our little interloper’s intrusion in stride. Hubby on the other hand, needed nitro for chest pain…and he doesn’t have heart problems…or at least didn’t up until that point.

Our little Scooter is courageous and protective…one day he was in the car with me and I had stopped for a traffic light. There was some road construction in progress, and the flagman was standing nearby. The next thing I knew, Watson was across the front, practically standing on me to get between me and the flagman and growling his little head off. I’m sure the flagman was terrified and had to seek a different profession after that encounter. But, my little fellow sensed what he perceived as a danger to me and his little heart and spirit was ready to do his part…okay, he’s buttering up that “loyalty” thing in me…did I say he is smart, too?

He watches TV…no, I’m not a bad mother…I’m careful about what he watches. His favorite shows? America’s Funniest Videos (yeah, no kidding), Dogs with Jobs and anything that happens to catch his eye…usually something with animals or strange noises. Well, this morning, I discovered he watches the news, too…and is a pretty good judge of character.

I had been watching the news and realized that I need to reschedule an upcoming doctor’s visit…my doc is out of state and something had come up. Well, I had put the TV on pause (isn’t TiVo great?), called the doctor’s office and was on hold. Scoot was beside me, peaceful, calm and ready to settle in for a morning nap. All of a sudden, his little pointed ears perked up, he engaged a determined look, stance and glare and started emitting a deep, low, throaty, ominous growl. I couldn’t imagine what was going on, so I followed he stare…and bingo! He was staring at the TV screen.

There on the TV, in split screen format, in freeze frame…motionless, were the pictures of Amy Fischer, the Long Island Lolita, and Joey Buttafuoco! “Mr.” Buttafuoco’s face was frozen in a rather unfriendly and, I’m sure to Scoot, threatening stare and grimace. Watson would not take his eye off the screen, nor would he stop growling. He paced, trying to get as close as he could to the offending image.

I couldn’t help but chuckle and think, “Wow, you’re pretty perceptive you little rascal. You know a skank when you see one. Too bad poor Mary Jo Buttafuoco didn’t have a Miniature Schnauzer when she met Joey…maybe she would have been spared the agony of having a bullet in her head and having her life exposed for the whole world to see.”

Once I took the TV off pause and the images were gone…he was fine, and all was right in the world according to Watson.

© 2007 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “The World According to Watson, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. How cute! Its nice to meet someone that’s as smitten with her little boy as I am with mine. I’m still trying to upload my pictures, not so lucky thus far. Here’s my family – we have Libby – 3 year old cocker spaniel bitch, Destiny – 3 year old Great Dane bitch, Seamus – year old cross boy, he’s black and small, we think there must be some terrier in him but he is very unique and my little boy! Then there’s Tiffany, 5 months old Maltese bitch and Milo the cat (male). I think I’m going to go back now and try to upload their pics so you can see. Hopefully I find my way back to ou again (new at blogging)

  2. Thanks, Lili! Yes, he is a little fellow “extraordinarie” and we’ve become quite smitten with him. I had a English Cocker Spaniel I mentioned in previous blog…and she owned my heart until the day she went to doggie heaven…I still get teary eyed when I think of her. We also have Winfield, the cat…mentioned to in previous blog. Good luck with the pics and blogging!


  3. I had to write after seeing the picture of Watson. I was up just surfing the web last night looking at pictures of miniature schnauzers. I have one of my own. Her name is Beatrice. I was looking through the Google search images and there on my screen was a picture of my Beatrice; actually it was your Watson but I was stunned at how much the picture looked like my baby. Curiousity got the best of me and I decided to write to you to see where Watson was born. I thought that it would be a monumental coincedence were they to have come from the same breeder. I purchased Beatrice from a breeder in Randleman, NC. I’m sure that Watson is as syrupy sweet as Bea. With a face like that he HAS to be!! Hope to hear back from you.

  4. Stan,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    My blog is filled with several images, references and stories of Watson…AKA Watson the Wonder Dog…AKA Scooter or Scoot. He is the sweetest, brightest little fellow on four legs and that’s a lot for me to say because I had an English Cocker Spaniel, Lady, for years that was the princess of my heart. My heart was broken when she went to “doggie heaven”. Watson now reigns supreme in that realm 😉 I often comment there is a little boy zipped up in a dog suit inside that little fellow.

    We “inherited” him from a co-worker of my husband’s when Watson was less than a year old. His former owner had some life changes…including a move…and was unable to keep him. I had met Scoot when he was a little bitty baby and was smitten, and hubby knew I needed the little fellow, so we said yes. We’ve had him a little over a now and can’t imagine life without him. His breeder is in Tennessee…maybe kissing cousins to the North Carolina Minis and your Bea 😉

    Stop by again for future adventures of Watson the Wonder dog 🙂


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