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A Cup of Coffee…or a Cue for You…,by Beverly Hicks Burch

Am I Cute or What?A Cup of Coffee…or a Cue for You…

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Well, he’s done it again…my little Scooter…that little 15 pound canine wonder named Watson who lives in this house and on occasion amazes not only me, but, Tall & Handsome…he’s pulled off another “oh wow” moment with hubby. He IS a little a guy, even at fifteen pounds. I could probably carry him around in one of those hyper expensive, super-size handbags the Hollywood elite carry, but I am reluctant to do so…I just don’t feel like carrying around the body weight of Nicole Richie on my shoulder.

You may recall from previous blogs I am the dog person…hubby is the cat person…or at least thought he was. He has become quite smitten with Watson, and I do believe if he’d had puppies like this in his life, well, I think I would have been over populated with dogs when he came from New Mexico and not cats…at least not the Big Orange Abomination (see previous blog About Dogs and Cats).

I’m very aware of what dogs are capable of doing. After all, there is a show on the National Geographic TV cable station called Dogs with Jobs. There is no such thing as a “Cats with Jobs” show. (How would that be entertainment? That would be like watching grass grow?) You will have to search long and hard to find “search and rescue cats”, “seeing eye” cats, “cadaver cats”, “guard cats” or for that “matter attack cats”. T & H and I have had this discussion before. Cats prefer to be carried around on gold embossed pillows while they train you. On the other hand, most dogs will work their little hinnies off to please you. They’re kind of like people…they like to have jobs to feel fulfilled. Granted, some can be stubborn and need a firm hand and proper training, but over all their main job is to pick up on their master(s) cues and please.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Tall & Handsome and I were taking it easy one morning…we were exhausted from our adventures. We have a little routine in the mornings…it’s not what you think…it involves coffee…ok, maybe it is what you think. Usually on a work morning, hubby will go through part of his routine to get ready, take a break, get us coffee and sit on the bed by me and watch the news while we drink our coffee. By then, Watson has usually been outside for his morning Constitution and is up on the bed, raring to start his day. Usually T & H will have another cup of coffee and before going to the kitchen ask, “Would you like another cup of coffee?”

On the particular morning in question…I believe it was Memorial Day…Watson was all curled up and we thought he had gone back to sleep. We had been watching a movie all snuggled up and sipping coffee…just enjoying our time together. T & H paused the movie and asked me, “Would you like another cup of coffee?” Well, about then Watson popped his little head up, jumped off the bed and headed toward the kitchen. Hubby looked at me, stunned, I must say, and ask, “How did he know what I was asking?”

I just laughed and explained that he had been listening to us and learned those words and developed them as a cue for action…he knew what would be coming next.

Hubby said, “Naaahhhh….”

I said, “Ok, try it again…say those words again.”

T & H spoke the magic words into the air, “Do you want a Cup of Coffee?”

Little haunches sprung into action and my scientific theory was proven.

They say Miniature Schnauzers are dogs with human brains…scary, huh?

“Honey, do you want a cup of coffee?” See how well we’re trained? Elementary, my dear Watson…

© 2007 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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