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Oops…He Did It Again, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Oops…He Did It Again

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Yep, he’s done it again, proving all the clichés known to mankind…you know the ones…like bad pennies keep turning up, a leopard doesn’t change their spots, there’s no honor among thieves (or in this case murderers, wife beaters and abusers, etc.) and so and so. The “he” in this case is the infamous and rather repulsive O. J. Simpson.

It took OJ a little over 13 years to finally mix it up enough to land his pompous, unbelievably arrogant backside in the can again…hopefully for good this time. Does this mean he’s been flying low under the radar, being a law abiding citizen during those 13 years? Can we hope that he’s maybe even performed a few humanitarian acts? Are you out of your mind?!

OJ could have done a lot to rehabilitate himself over the past several years. Charity work would have been good. How about working hard in New Orleans after Katrina to help revitalize the beleaguered sections of that city after the storm battered and bruised New Orleans?

He was so quick to play the race card during his murder trial…to pull out the “N” word as part of his defense and allege that as an African-American, if that word had been used by anyone involved in the case…well, then he could not have been guilty…even if we knew the glove fit no matter how much his freaking hammy acting, and the latex glove he had on underneath it tried to convince us otherwise. The racial animosity he and his defense caused during the trial ignited historical riots in Los Angeles.

And what did he do afterwards? He went back to chasing and battering Caucasian girlfriends…many who later made domestic abuse calls to local police…just like Nicole Brown Simpson had done years earlier while married to OJ. So, OJ could have done some BIG payback and rehab of his image had he gone to New Orleans and work for “his people”…the very people who supported him and believed in him to the end…and for all the people for that fact after a life changing natural disaster wrecked that city. For the people all the people that rooted and cheered for him in the stands AND paid his salary for years. But, he didn’t. Want to know why? He is a life draining psychopath.

OJ has had over 13 years to do something with his life and to rehab his image. The first thing he could have attempted to do was pursue his promise to find the “real” murderer of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Did he even give a passing attempt to do that? No way, OJ! As far as we know the only thing he did was to capitalize on the murder even more by writing a thinly veiled confession called If I Did It. Does the man think we have “Stupid” stamped across our forehead?

Since the “Trial of the Century” OJ has had a lot of legal run ins and problems, including a road rage incident, problems with daughter Sydney, country club problems and girlfriend problems. There was also a civil trial related to the wrongful death of Nicole and Ron. After being found civilly accountable in the trial for the death of Nicole and Ron, OJ was order to pay compensation for wrongful death to the families of Nicole and Ron. So, what did a contrite OJ do? He started moving his money into offshore bank accounts and hiding his sports memorabilia so the families couldn’t get their hands on anything. And, hence the lead up to OJ’s recent…”I haven’t done anything wrong” episode.

Now, granted most of the figures in this latest and greatest episode are unsavory looking characters and are not school boys. They look like a casting director’s dream for a bad “B” movie. But, that just in and of itself goes to prove some of the clichés involved here…”birds of a feather flock together” and truly “there is no honor among thieves”.

OJ got wind that these guys had some of the aforementioned sports memorabilia and he wanted his stuff back. So, he did what any good thug would do…he busted up in there with his posse and a gun, waved it around, told them they weren’t going anywhere and told them he wanted his stuff back. This time, there’s even a tape with OJ ranting AND there’s even talk that OJ’s offshore bank accounts have been mentioned.

So, what will happen to OJ this time? Well, only time and money will tell. Maybe OJ will get a new address he so richly deserves. But, I did notice one curious thing…have you seen the poor ol’ boy’s mug shot? He’s got an enigmatic smile on his face. I’ll be darned if it doesn’t look like the poor ol’ fellow is happy to be back in the public limelight. Now that’s pathetic…

© 2007 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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