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We Had to Coat the Marshmallow with Chocolate, by Beverly Hicks Burch

We Had to Coat the Marshmallow with Chocolate

By Beverly Hicks Burch

The day has arrived. We’ve had to coat the marshmallow with chocolate. No, I’m not crazy, and no, this isn’t one of Bev’s cooking blogs, BUT, it is about Tall and Handsome.

The marshmallow in this case is his heart…at least when it comes to animals…one particular animal. You see when it comes to animals, he is absolutely gaga…a big old softie which is okay. It shows his compassion, passion and ability to be caring and loving. It beats the former, Gomez the Regrettable who, as I have related before once cold-heartedly shot the neighbor’s kitten.

Anyway, I’ve had to coat T & H’s big ol’ marshmallow, animal-loving heart with a little chocolate coating to crust it up just a bit…not too much mind you, but, just enough so he can issue some stern tough love to our little boy in the Miniature Schnauzer suit…Watson, AKA Scooter. You see, heretofore T & H’s idea of discipline was to have a nice Freudian discussion with Scoot. I, on the other hand, a life long dog mommy usually stood by and watched as the words flew in one of Scoot’s little pointed ears and right out the other pointed ear. It was a sight to behold because his little head is insulated at times with about 12 inches of bonafide Hicks/Burch stubborn concrete…I kid you not…

The subject came to a rather dramatic and personal head (no pun intended here baby doll) Monday night. Watson has “separation” issues. He doesn’t like it. Period. He then commences to become very vocal. If you know anything about Mini Schnauzers you know they have many different sounds and voices. Oh, yes they do. Scoot can SCREAM like a woman who had just seen a 20 foot boa constrictor slither up the toilet in her brand new en suit master bathroom. His scream makes you want to take chopsticks and puncture your eardrums. You just know in “dog-ese” he’s screaming, “Don’t leave me, PLEASE!” We think this comes from spending a LOT of time in a crate before we adopted him, but, the good news is he is crated trained really well.

Monday evening, after arriving back in town we checked in, unloaded the Jeep and rested a bit. We had to meet with the realtor, grab a bite of supper and then run to the store. Since the Jeep had been loaded to the gills, the crate had been left in Knoxville. I suggested we put Scoot in the bathroom…with his water and food. T & H thought he be okay to roam free in the room as he had before with no problem. Mom’s, that would be me, gut intuition said different…maybe it was all those beatings he took from the cat when we were back in Knoxville…

Anyway, we left and as we drive off we can hear him SCREAMING. It sounded like an 18 wheeler was in the room repeatedly running over him…I prayed for chopsticks. Usually after were gone for a couple of minutes, he calms down and becomes normal.

Well, this time he decided to show us and teach us a really good, old fashion lesson. We were gone maybe three or three and half hours. When I opened the door, I wanted to close it immediately and tell T & H we had the wrong room…but, I know I’m not Houdini and the truth had to come out.

We walked in and the little bugger was beside himself with excitement because we were back…it didn’t last long. There laying at our feet was T & H’s cell phone…in about a bazillion pieces. We only found a few pieces of the leather glove for the phone…I guess he digested the rest…and he’s none the worse for it. To put it mildly, T & H was not a happy camper. Miraculously, he picked up the pieces of the phone, put them back together and the phone still works. He’ll be getting a new one soon, because we’re both ready for an upgrade…we’re just waiting for the move.

Watson - Babyface So, now we’re on Mission: Tough Love.

Oh, and to add insult to injury…the phone rang and the front desk called. They had gotten a complaint. Someone had wanted a pair of chopsticks…

© 2007 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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