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Not So Tough Cookies, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Not So Tough Cookies

By Beverly Hicks Burch

As many of you might know by now Tall & Handsome and I are in the process of unpacking and setting up the house after moving…again. It is a monumental task. Let me explain. In five years I have moved or moved my household belongings to where they were going to abide as many times…five. Each move has taken a little out of me.

The last stay in the “moldy” house was a challenge on many levels. One was the fact that because we had only two days to find a house the one we ended up getting was just not the right one. It was too small…and then there was that mold problem…but that’s another story.

We knew it was a temporary situation…we just didn’t know it would last two and half years. So, for two and half years most of our belongings sat in packed boxes. It was like living in a big storage unit.

The beauty of the situation is now when we unpack a box, more than likely it’s something we haven’t seen in a really long time and we’re so excited we’re beside ourselves. Sometimes we’ve even forgotten we had an item.

Case it point? I discovered a little “cookbook” a pamphlet almost, titled Capitol Cookies – Cookie recipes from every state capitol and Washington D.C. Well, I absolutely could not place where this little jewel came from, but T & H could. It came along with a breast cancer fund raising cookbook his site did in Alabama.

So, what I thought I do this year is share recipes with yall from this book…since many of you live in or are from all over the USA. Of course they are alphabetical and I’ll share them in that order. I hope you enjoy!

Of course the first starts with Alabama

© 2008 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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