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Gadget Gazette, Beverly Hicks Burch

Gadget Gazette

By Beverly Hicks Burch

As many of you know Tall and Handsome and I have been absorbed for the last several months unpacking our lives as we settle onto our new domicile. For about two and a half years or so our lives were packed up in boxes and now we are unpacking and seeing things we haven’t seen since May of 2005.

We can’t wait until it’s ALL unpacked…because then we get to start on the real projects…updating. In the interim there are little fun things that are coming along and happening. T & H and I are both gadget geeks, too. So, I decided he was Kitchen Geek Gadget Czar the other day when I went downstairs and discovered this sitting on the sink! This organizer really solved the kitchen sink clutter problem.

OXO Stainless Kitchen Sink Organizer

His next big “want” has been a pot rack. We finally broke down and made the splurge. T & H was a little more anxious to have one…I think he had one before and I’ve always had this phobia about pots hanging over my head…I’m a smart girl. I most certainly do NOT want pots boxing my ears, head or anything else while I cook…

Anyway, if you recall, sometime back I shared with you that T & H trolls the internet for grilling, cooking, recipes and gadgets like some men troll for porn. It’s really kind of cute when he’s on a mission and was he ever on a mission to find a pot rack…his little fingers really did a lot of walking…and it paid off. He found his pot rack.

So we did what we do best…we collaborated and devised a plan. He had found one that would not have me dodging hanging pots around my head, but it involved one minor detail. We had to unload, move and then reload the bookcase that held the His, Mine and Ours cookbooks…only it was a whole lot more full than when I took the first picture a few weeks back!

So, as you can see, the mission was accomplished, the bookcase and cookbooks were realigned…just around the corner…and you can get a side view of the pot rack…

The fun part will be when we have to move all of it again when we paint…YAY…after all…what is life without a mission, oui?

© 2008 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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