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More Signs of Springs, by Beverly Hicks Burch

More Signs of Spring

By Beverly Hicks Burch

When you move into a home that has been previously owned by others, you inherit a previous environment. Believe me, I have experienced that in varying degrees…with horror stories you would not believe. I have totally rehabbed two homes and taken a brand new home and added updates and an additional 1,000 square foot of living space. Before I became chronically ill I was an active participant in most stages involved of those rehabs and updates…and that includes landscaping. You see, quite a bit of my early education was in horticulture.

When Tall and Handsome and I moved into this house we were searching for one important requirement…space! After the experience we had in Knoxville, that was crucial. Although it’s a few square feet shy of the house in Alabama, there’s still more than ample room for us to spread out a little and do what we need to do…and live!

And the deck is a fantastic size…just right for T & H to twirl those grilling tools, light up that grill and send maddeningly delicious aromas wafting through the neighborhood. All of my deck and patio furniture is set up out there, along with our fire pit and a brand new umbrella…and we’ve already enjoyed a fire on a cool night out there and several meals under the umbrella. What could be better?

There’s just a catch…you knew there had to be one didn’t you? It’s that inherited environment. Sometimes, do you ever ask yourself, “What were they thinking?” As in, “How could they have lived here that long and not have done that or this?” Yep, I know…we have a whole lot of that going on here. The good news is this is a very well constructed home…it has “good bones”, in a great neighborhood, and has some features we really like. There are just some things we need to do…and update…inside and out…nowadays it’s called updating or rehabbing.

There is a serious need for some real landscape…or maybe my eye tells me that from my training and personal taste. What azaleas that are here…what true Southern home doesn’t have azaleas…haven’t been properly taken care of. The pruning job was a butcher job, they have a pest problem, an iron deficiency and the ones in the back were planted WAY too close to the deck. A lot of the other shrubbery is what I called “junk” shrub or has been used improperly.

Last night was we were standing out on the deck as T & H grilled the Tilapia I started telling him my “vision” for the back yard…he had mentioned he needed to mow it…lol. Remember our motto…I’m the brains, he the brawn? By the time I was through telling him my vision, he told me he’d better get busy before his brawn ran out before he got too old…the man has a real wit, doesn’t he?

Occasionally there are a few surprises…like this visitor that sprung up at the corner of the house. I’m pretty sure this is an Amaryllis. Most people think of these as Christmas flowers because a “false” Amaryllis is forced to bloom and place into market during the holiday season. I just found it a welcome, colorful surprise and more reassurance that spring is most certainly here.

© 2008 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

A Welcomed Visitor – Amaryllis

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