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Cookie Road Trip – Connecticut, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Cookie Road Trip – Connecticut

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Our latest jaunt on the cookie trail takes us to one of my favorite regions of the USA – New England. Connecticut is called the Constitution State and has played an important and long part in the history of the United States.

Some of the first Europeans in the Connecticut area were Dutch and they were later followed by the British. Connecticut was one of the original thirteen colonies and it became the 5th US state in 1788.

Bordered on the south by the Long Island Sound, Connecticut is also home to many historic sights, towns, villages, seaports and natural amenities. Having a love for lighthouses, one of my personal favorite memories is driving along the lower routes of Connecticut just so I could take in some of these quaint, historic villages and on occasion catch a glimpse of a lighthouse. Yale University finds its home in Connecticut as does many other institutions of higher learning.

The southwestern edge of Connecticut is considered part of the metropolitan area of New York City and many of the southwestern suburbs are actually bedroom communities for NYC. Connecticut is home for over 3 million people and is one of the wealthier states…people there have a higher per capita income and median household income than any other state in the US. This is due in part to the insurance industry and hedge fund industry that prospered in Connecticut.

Today’s cookie, Raspberry Thimble Cookies, is what many cooks refer to as a “thumbprint cookie”. The cookie is made when the cook uses her thumb or finger to create an indentation in the top of the dough before baking for jam to be placed in.

I’m not sure why raspberry jam was the jam of choice, especially since Connecticut is the 7th top producer of Wild Blueberries in the US…I guess Blueberry Thumbprint cookies seem…wrong. I’m sure if you wanted you could substitute another flavor of jam…say maybe apricot…yum…


© 2008 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

This cookie was submitted by Mary Mullen of St. Timothy Middle School and the Church of St. Timothy in Hartford (which also happens to be the state capital).

4 thoughts on “Cookie Road Trip – Connecticut, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. One thing I can offer about the raspberry jam is that Mary isn’t from CT – she’s from Queens, NY. Her mother, who she got this recipe from, is from Castlebar Ireland. So the cookie didn’t exactly originate in Connecticut. But thank you for posting the recipe! It’s much more convenient to be able to goofle it when I need it rather than calling my mother…

    1. Well hooray, Katie! a Mystery solved! And a good Irish one at that:)

      You might have missed the beginning of the Cookie Road Trip, but I explained there was a little pamphlet stuck in a fund raising (cancer…I’m a two time non-smoking lung cancer survivor myself) cookbook I had been given. Each state in the pamphlet had a cookie and CT’s was your Mom’s! I’ve often thought there was an unusual association with some of the states my own state included. It is great though to hear from someone who’s used the recipe!

      I’ve often thought the thimble cookies remind me of Thumbprint cookies. They’re a similar concept, a cookie that an impression with your thumb is made in the middle and some type of jam or flavoring is added to the impression. Some of the cookies are rolled in nuts before the impression is made. End result in the same…YUM!

      Thanks, Katie for stopping by and leaving your great comment…and thanks Katie’s Mom for a great recipe!

      Merry Christmas,

      1. Glad you are enjoying my mom’s receipe. I can almost make them in my sleep now! I am also a cancer surviivor (bi-lateral breast cancer) and I’m delighted to hear that the cookie receipe is being used to raise funds for cancer research Merry Christmas!

      2. Mary, thanks so much for commenting! How exciting to here from the person who is the expert on this cookie! 🙂 On this Cookie Road trip I have been taking, I often wonder and hope for the chance to meet the original “bakers and makers” of these delightful goodies. I always make a point to give credit where credit is due:) How neat is the internet that a Southern gal can meet the cook who got the recipe from her Mom who was from Castlebar?! Pretty great I think:)

        Recipes like this are the best…tried and true and handed down by Moms!

        Thanks you too for sharing your survival story. I know it will be encouraging to others who may face similar situations. I love it when we can share…”I survived cancer!” My 1st lung cancer was in 1982 in my right lung…I was 28 and had an 18 month old baby boy. The 2nd bout hit in 1995 in my left lung and 60% of that lung was removed. We still don’t why…I had NONE of the risk factors (the suspicion is my autoimmune disorders might be the culprit). The important thing is survival!

        Merry Christmas, Mary

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