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Elephant on the Roof…or Storm in My Hair – The Slide Show, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Elephant on the Roof…or Storm in

My Hair

The Slide Show

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Well, here it is…more in depth view of the storm damage…and yes, the AFTER!!! Thank goodness for that. I thought it would never happen.

I’m happy to say the roof is fixed, the cracked trusses replaced, the fence mended and the water damage and Quilt Room restored. One of the bonuses? Well, if there is one it is definitely getting that tacky border down that was left up by the former owners…

Even though things are back in place in the quilt room, it would still be a work in progress. In other words, I still haven’t found and/or unpacked all of my quilting paraphernalia. Yep, Bev has a lot of it…but, I started quilting in 1986.

We didn’t hang anything back on the walls and I won’t be unpacking the rest of my quilting “plunder” (as my Daddy calls it). Why? Well, I hated to mar up those fresh walls for the next owners (cross your fingers for a buyer, soon). Yep, we are moving once again…more on that to come later…

© 2008 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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