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Well, I Sure Didn’t Go South…, by Beverly Hicks Burch

You know sometimes how your life can go south? You know those days or times when nothing seems to go right…in a hurry! We’ve all had them. Tall and Handsome and I kind of had a travel day like that yesterday, but more on that later.

Then of course there is that good kind of going South…the one I live in a perpetual state of and that is being a true blooded Southern gal ;-). That gift, my friends, comes from the grace of the good Almighty… Can you tell I just love being Southern and the South?

Well, one thing this Southern gal has always enjoyed is traveling. Oh, yeah…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to strike out on a new adventure with T & H. I’m traveling with him on one of his business trips. We spent the day cooped up in airports and airplanes. It’s amazing what one little flat tire can set into motion.

Our initial flight was late…by over an hour because it had a flat tire and that had to be changed in Atlanta before it would head our way and pick us up. When it did arrive I had the exceeding joy to discover what they were calling an airplane was a glorified flying sardine can. Hand to God…the Hunchback of Notre Dame would have had to stoop over to board this little number… No kidding…it was (in my eyes) just a piece of aerodynamic metal.

Well, had our flight been on schedule, we would have only had about 45 minutes to traverse the cavernous concourses of the Atlanta airport for our connecting flight. Not an easy task when you wobble like a Webble like I do. Note to Delta and travel agents: Bad joints + FMS + no lung capacity + a laundry list of health problems + a cane do not = speed. Get a grip!

S0000…if your flight leaves say 40 minutes before your next connecting flight…there’s a good chance you won’t make the next flight…yep, the chances are better you’ll win the lottery even without buying a ticket…Nothing says “special” like deplaning and seeing that bright, pretty, flashy departure/arrival board greeting you with a big ol’ bull’s eye around your next flight with the word beside it: departed.

The next connecting flight for our location was at 6:41 PM or in about 8 hours. We got to amuse ourselves with Uno, reading, airport food, loud noise, cranky people, another gate change and better yet another freaking late airplane – no explanations provided – for over 8 hours. It was the zenith of mankind…

Then finally, onward and upward…literally. We spent the next three and half or four hours on the plane and when we arrived…the airport was just about closed down. We’d had about a 17 hour day…and hadn’t even flown overseas. We were absolutely exhausted and crashed in the bed as soon as we could.

This morning when my bleary eyes would focus I stumbled to the window to see what my temporary surroundings looked like. As you can see…I’m sure not in Kansas…and I didn’t go South. Can you guess where I am? I’ll give ya a hint…I went West…

Sure did go South 1

Looking out my Hotel Window – sorry for the reflection on the right…

Sure didn't go South - 4

Those big brown rocks in the background are called “mountains” – Western Style. Southern gal like me is used to the green ones…

Sure didn't go South - 3

This is not an abandoned, empty lot – the ground always looks like that…all the time…every day…pretty much every where…it’s called desert…

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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