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Today I have a special treat for yall.

My folks live on a little mountain top in northeast Alabama. My little Momma has long had an interest in photography and she’s been a fan of Ansel Adams’ work for years (as have I).

A few years back, Daddy bought Mom a digital camera for her to play around with and experiment with. Every once in a while when her creative juices are chomping at the bit, she brings it out and starts snapping.

This morning Momma was up very early and she decided to go out and take advantage of the time. She loaded an SD card into her camera and away she went…even with laryngitis! Told you she was feisty!

Daddy email me several this morning and I’ve picked a progression of my favorite to share…so enjoy the photographs and enjoy Sunrise on a northeastern Alabama mountain top…

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

Among the Pines

Among the Pines



The day begins

The Day Begins


Sunrise on the Mountain

© 2009 Juanita Hicks All Rights Reserved.

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