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There are Signs…by Beverly Hicks Burch

There are Signs…

By Beverly Hicks Burch

I know I mentioned temperatures have been in the lower to mid 80’s the past few days. Keep is mind this is the South…wait just a minute and the weather can change…we live with a real mixed bag of weather tricks.

Just two weeks ago a “potent” storm was bearing down on us. Many locations in the South were hit with snow and freezing temperatures. Fast forward to a few days to those 80+ degree days and you’ll understand our schizophrenic weather patterns…especially if you consider today is cloudy with highs in the mid-50’s. Tomorrow is going to be cool and rainy…

I was afraid the cold a few days ago might damage the blooming season on the azaleas and other early bloomers, but the other day I was out on the deck and noticed the shrubs looked like they were still laden with blossom trusses. That bodes well for blossoms!

The rain has been good for the region…we have been in a drought and the bonus has been green sprouting everywhere…and signs…signs of spring just around the corner…guess that’s a pretty good trade-off.

Almost Apring 4

The Dogwood in the yard is trying to say it’s time for spring…

Almost Spring 3

The Azalea is green and may just bloom yet…

Almost Spring 2

Even the Sedum in the pots on the deck are ready for spring…

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