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Quilt Room with a View, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Quilt Room with a View

By Beverly Hicks Burch

The expected high today is forecasted to be 74°. And, that’s not the warmest it’s been so far this March!

When I walked into my quilt room after lunch, I couldn’t help but notice the view. I was greeted by a decidedly cheery scene…Nature in change and announcing the season. Two of my favorite spring floras are beginning to bloom and show further signs that cold weather is behind us…for the most part…

The dogwood is usually in full glory by Easter…the smaller one on the left seems to be a “late bloomer” ;-). Underneath are various other shrubs including the red azalea…with some more “late bloomer” straggling along there. The larger evergreen is a Gardenia which will be in full bloom by June with fragrant, creamy white blooms…I love to float Gardenia blooms in bowls of water around the house! What a yummy fragrance!

Who wouldn’t feel inspired to be creative with this view cheering them on?

The only “negative” trade off is a back deck absolutely inundated with pollen! Wow, is it abundant! When Watson the Wonder Dog goes outside, he leaves little pollen paw prints everywhere….Ahhhh-Chooo!!! The pollen is so thick, it looks like a light dusting of snow…well, yellow-greenish snow…but, I’ll take the trade-off for the view out front.

Hope you enjoy my Quilt Room with a View…


Quilt Room View – Spring 2009

Quilt Room with a View 2009 - 4

Dogwoods, Azaleas and Gardenia…

After - All Better Now 1

The Window with the View – after the storm that surprised us last July and left a big pine tree on top of the house…right over the Quilt Room – I didn’t hang things back on the wall since I knew I’d be packing up again for another move…

After - All Better Now 4

Part of “the” stash…the rest is still packed in boxes somewhere….

After - All Better Now 3

Books and such…

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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