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Hummingbird Food, by Beverly Hicks Burch

For years I gardened for birds, hummingbirds and butterflies. Yes, there is a “method to the madness” when trying to draw these little critters to you garden and yard.

For instance, to draw those tiny little dive bombers called hummingbirds, lure them to you garden with trumpet shaped blossoms. They are also attracted by bright colors such as red.

I took the pictures below this afternoon while I was out on the deck. Those beautiful pale pink trumpet blossoms are on the azalea shrubs around the deck.

Of course azaleas are almost synonymous with “South” When you think of spring in the South you can’t help but imagine a rainbow of azaleas every where. They are among my most favorite.

The azaleas in my yard are evergreen, but there are some native azaleas that are deciduous and fragrant! Either one can add a glorious splash of color to your yard in spring…and feed those tiny little dive bombers called hummingbirds…

Hummingbird food

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1 thought on “Hummingbird Food, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. Azaleas always make me think of two things: hummingbirds and my mom. You see, my mom always had a many colors of them in her yard because the hummingbirds were so attracted to them. They make the yard so pretty and mell so good too.

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