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Wild Birds Fast Food and Fly Through, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Wild Birds Fast Food and Fly Through

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Shortly after we met I introduced Tall and Handsome to bird watching and bird feeding. Since he’s indisputably dotty about animals, it didn’t take him long to get “hooked on bird feeding”. And when he gets hooked on something, he does like to jump in with both feet…

So like the good Dr. Frankenstein I am I took him to a very special place one day…and there has been no looking back. Periodically we return and during those times I’m not certain if I’m creating Dr. Frankenstein’s bolt-necked creature, or his lab assistant Igor…or maybe a combination of both because when I gazed out into the back yard Sunday afternoon I realized I had created the proverbial, albeit loveable monster.

And, the monster had not one, but two creations of his own…and they look like this….

Wild Birds Fast Food

Wild Bird Fast Food

Wild Birds Really Fast Food

Wild Birds Really Fast Food – see the room for MORE feeders?!

Stop by for a Drink 2

Wet Your Whistle Stop

Yes, little feathered friends in the neighborhood now have their own Wild Birds Fast Food and Fly Through…and Water Your Whistle Stop. The addition this year to the “chain” was the Wild Birds Really Fast Food Stop. (Just in case you haven’t figured it out, the “special place” I introduced T & H to was a wonderful little store called Wild Birds Unlimited. It is like “Birds R Us” for birders. Check the phone book or the internet for a location near you.)

Sunday, after the obligatory refill of the feeding stations…and more trimming of tree limbs to make sure those darn tree rats (also known as squirrels) stay the heck off the feeders, we sat back and watched the little feathered visitors help themselves t0 “lunch”. And yes, since confession is good for the soul, and in case you haven’t noticed, I HATE SQURRIELS! They are disgusting, stingy, food snatching tree rats…and those darn tails are just too darn perky…like Katie Couric.

When we first started birding together, T & H did not share my derision of the overly perky, unwelcomed little critters. He even shuddered slightly when I called them “tree rats”. He tried everything to appease them…baffles and then even much to my disgust feeding them! Oh yeah, just what I wanted…more tree rats in the yard lined up with little tin cups banging on everything demanding more!

I’m surprised T & H didn’t go out and line them up and have what I call one of his Freudian talks with them.

“Now, little guys, this isn’t the way we build a yard team…a  friendly environment team. This part of the yard and feeders is for you guys and the other part and feeder are for our little feathered team members. If we all stay on task and support each other the yard will work great, everyone will have enough and it will be reminiscent of the Garden. Group hug and ooah-yah!”

Oh yeeeah…the squirrel feeders worked about as well as a spaghetti leash on a hungry pit bull after he saw a stray chicken…only thing that happened with that little venture was we ended up with a yard full of empty peanut shells…and empty bird feeders…


Well, simply stated, I think I have won a convert when it comes to the tree rats…no, Honey, I think a blow torch might be a little overkill…even for tree rats…but, I appreciate the thought…

After a long stretch of patience and sitting like statues on the deck, I was able to snap a few of our little diners…but, I just missed the red-headed flicker.

We knew we had hummers already because the food was disappearing, but we were delighted to see one making herself at home!

Enjoy and welcome to an additional bonus of springtime in the South…

Lady Cardinal Leads the Way

Lady Cardinal Leads the Way

House Finch

House or Purple Finch stops by…

Maybe I Will and Maybe I Won't

Hummm…Maybe I Will or Maybe I Won’t…

My tumming is getting full

My tummy is getting sooooo full…

Can You See the Interloper

Can you see the Interloper? He’s eating the suet cake and is a Brown-headed Cowbird…in the Blackbird family.

I really Want to

This male cardinal scoped out the feeder for the longest time before he finally visited. He was in a distant corner of the back yard when I caught him hiding.

Oh yeah I Made it Oh yeah! I finally made it!

Welcome baby girl Welcome Baby Girl! Looks like a baby female Cardinal…

One last little fellow This little fellow seemed to prefer the ground

The Shot I Waited For All Afternoon

It’s not easy catching Hummingbirds still! I waited all afternoon just to see if we had any visiting the feeder…and Viola! There she is!

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Wild Birds Fast Food and Fly Through, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. Honey I’m proud of you for confessing that you were the culprit (Dr. Frankenstein) for introducing me to the fine art of feeding our feathered friends. Although, I bet at the time you introduced me to it you didn’t realize just what kind of monster you were creating. None the less it is a practice I’m grateful you shared with me (as I’m sure our feathered friends in the neighborhood agree with) and just another reason I love you so.

    It’s too bad about the squirrels (tree rats). Now that we trimmed the tree branches back all they can do now is sat at the base of the feeder and looking up with those hungry little eyes and dodge the bird droppings.

    T&H (the bolt-necked creature)

  2. Hey, Babe…

    The little fella on the ground is what we called a Brown Thrush when we were growing up. I don’t see many of them down here in Alabama.

    Quiet a bird feeder heaven. Hope to follow suit eventually when we get our things in order here “on the mountain.”



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