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Backyard Buddies, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Backyard Buddies

By Beverly Hicks Burch

This morning I was working on the latest quilt project Tall & Handsome and I have going on…actually it is our first joint project…and his first ever textile project. Entitled South by Southwest, the quilt combines our heritages by using the Tennessee Waltz pattern (my heritage) with southwestern fabrics (his heritage).

South by Southwest  & Reggie

South by Southwest & Tall and Handsome

The quilt is 35 blocks big plus borders and I was working on block number 30 when I happened to look up and out. Let me also interject that I am visiting my folks on their little mountain top in sweet home Alabama.

When I looked up I saw a couple of backyard buddies I just had to share…yes, there are two different individuals here…one following right after the other.

backyard buddy 1


backyard buddy 3


backyard buddy 4

Talk about a room with a view…

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