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If Walls Could Talk, By Beverly Hicks Burch

If Walls Could Talk

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Tuesday evening when I was driving back home I was driving down some lonely two lane country roads. Mr. GPS assured me this was the best route home…as the sun set…at dusk…as my cell phone charge faded. Oh, joy…

Just as the sunset, as dusk was settling in I pulled up to a stop sign at what appeared to be NO WHERE… It really must have been a little settlement or community or town years or decades ago in that part of southern Georgia. There were signs of life…past and present still around…

As I glanced to my left (as any good driver at a stop sign would do!), I happened to really look at the building standing there. It was old…I mean really, really old. The building sat right on the edge of the road…as if the road had been built by it in homage to the building.

In its day it must have been a formidable building…maybe even a home. It was large and two stories. The roof was overhanging suggesting that maybe in days gone by there was a large porch or veranda on the facade. Double doors graced the second story. Like anything that sits still too long in the rural South, the building was being over taken by what looked to be kudzu and wild growth of various kinds. The genealogist and amateur historian in me would love to know the history of that building…and even to see it restored…but alas, my journey was to travel onward home…

I had to pause just a little longer at that stop sign at dusk and as the summer bugs serenaded me I captured a picture from my car window of that old building before final daylight slipped away…and the thought skittered across by mind…"if those walls could talk…”

If Walls could Talk

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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