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Ferns & Hosta, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Years ago I was working towards an Associate degree in horticulture at a community college in Birmingham. I really enjoyed the courses and learned a lot from a great teacher…John Alex Floyd, the former Editor at Southern Living magazine…before he was at Southern Living of course.

Unfortunately I had to drop out when Gomez the ex had an auto accident and broke his neck and I helped nurse him back to health. I never found my way back to the class room, but gardening never left me. It seems green thumbs run in my family…it’s a hereditary thing…

Although chronic health problems keep me from gardening like I use to, it doesn’t keep me from admiring and I have put many a plant in the ground over the years. I have also gone on quests over the years and one of those quests has been for shade tolerant plants.

Two of my favorite are ferns and hosta like the ones seen here:

Ferns & Hosta


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