UPS Yours, by Beverly Hicks Burch

UPS Yours

By Beverly Hicks Burch

President BO went to Portsmouth, NH to transact a Town Hall meeting concerning his healthcare “reform”. And, whether he realizes it or not he just told the American public…”UPS yours!”

Why? Well, as Obama blathered on without a teleprompter about the state of private sector vs. government run, President BO said, to paraphrase, “The private industry is doing great…just great thank you. Why, look how well, UPS and FedEX are doing. It the US Post Office that’s struggling…”


Whaaaaaaat?! Jesus, Mary and Joseph…did those words just vomit out of that man’s mouth?! Because if they did, in essence what he is telling us is that private sector can get the job done great, but the government run sector screws up…big time! And now he wants us, the American people to apply that pissant theory to the best healthcare system in the world?! In effect he’s saying, “UPS yours American people.”

But, folks what they’re also not telling you is that we already have government healthcare in work in different sectors. We have Medicaid and Medicare and these two systems have been chock-o-block full of graft, misuse and abuse for years.

Then there’s that stellar VA system. Recently it was revealed that at least three VA hospitals…one in Miami, FL; one in Murfreesboro, TN and one in Augusta, GA had exposed more than 10,000 patients to HIV. So far 5 have tested positive for HIV and 43 and tested positive for hepatitis. The speculation is unclean instruments were used in surgical procedures that caused cross contamination.

Then there’s recent case in point number two: A USAF Airman enter Travis Air Base Medical Facility to have a routine laparoscopic gall bladder surgery. He just went in to have his gall bladder removed. During the procedure the doctors punctured his aorta, placing him in critical condition, and endangering the blood supply to his legs. A1C Colton Read went home minus both legs. He is 20 years old. And because Travis Medical Center is a government facility, Colton Read CAN NOT sue the Federal Government for malpractice!

This is government healthcare at work for you…

Yep, folks…we’re being told UPS yours by the new administration who doesn’t care if we like our healthcare or not. I think we need tell them what we think about it, don’t you?

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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