Mountain Top Stroll, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Mountain Top Stroll

By Beverly Hicks Burch

This afternoon Mom asked me to take a stroll down her little “road” that runs along the ridge of her and Daddy’s mountain top lot in northeast Alabama where their home sits. I should mention this “lot” covers several acres and is a little piece of heaven.

A few weeks ago Momma had this little path cleared of so she could take strolls down it and enjoy little nature walks. At any given time you just might be surprised (or maybe not) at what you might find back in those woods…including deer. Just this morning we saw a fawn disappear over the side of the ledge.

Last night it rained…no, I mean it really, really RAINED. We’re talking Noah’s flood kind of rain…like five inches where we were at. In some areas cars were floating off into ditches. Lightening was flashing everywhere and it sounded like giants were bowling on top of our heads. And, wouldn’t you know it…Tall & Handsome just happened to pick last night to grill boneless Chipotle chicken breast, sweet potatoes and grilled corn with Chili-Lime Butter. It was yummy but he looked like he’d been pulled off a life raft somewhere. Even a big golf umbrella didn’t save him from the drenching downpour, but trooper that he is…he served us up a gourmet dinner…the man can cook!

The rain left the woods with a decided “musty” odor and a lot of little…and big creations that looked just right for hobbits, toads and fairy tales. The woodlands are also beginning to take on a distinct harbinger of autumn.

So, welcome to my folks mountain top backyard, yall…



Sumac show signs of fall

The Sumac is starting to turn red…a sure sign of fall

Purple Rain

Purple Rain…

Mountain Backyard 1

Looking over the Ridge…

Mountain Backyard 2

…more ridge…

Mountain Backyard 3

…and even more ridge…

Little Umbrella

Little Umbrella


Toad Stool

Mountain Top Portabello

Mountain Top Portabella

Wow a lot of fungi 

No, Virginia, the aliens did NOT land…

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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