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What if…? by Beverly Hicks Burch

What if…?

By Beverly Hicks Burch

…I told you I used to crawl up in my Daddy’s lap when I was 20 years old, snuggle in and have a grand old time watching TV in his lap? I’m sure you reaction would be something like mine if I heard a grown woman say something similar…"Ewww…that’s way too much TMI going on and there’s some kind of funky Mackenzie Phillips/ John Phillips stuff going on there that just isn’t right! Where was the mother?!”

Why would any grown, supposedly intelligent and educated woman say something like that…out of school? No good reason…

Unless…there was some hidden calculated manipulative Machiavellian purpose for such misrepresentation…and for the use of smoke and mirrors. The world witnessed a stellar example just last week…compliments of the woman calling herself the First Lady of the United States…Michelle Obama.

This Amazon woman with biceps even many men seem to envy (and look like could deliver a swift upper cut to the punier looking Anointed One, President BO should he stray from her Michelleness) went to Copenhagen last week as part of the Chicago Trinity (that would be Michelle, Barak Hussein Obama, and Queen of Everything Oprah Winfrey) to bring home the trophy of the 2016 Olympics to lay at the feet of the hardball politicians they owe so much to.

Never mind the fact that half the population of Chicago was against the idea based on the logistics, never mind the fact that the financial price tag would have been staggering in an economy teetering towards depression (who could afford to attend?), never mind the fact that for the first time in the history of the country a sitting President used Air Force One and tax payers dollars and time out of his schedule during wartime to lobby a special interest group for a sports event for his hometown (wonder what the reaction would have been had Bush used such resources to personally lobby for a new baseball team in one of the cities in Texas?) Never mind the fact that that President BO didn’t have time to speak to his Gen. McChrystal…he still had time for that scandal plagued IOC and never mind the fact that President BO has done nothing for 10 months but tell the world what a crappy, sorry place America is and the American people are (but narcissist that he is…he can make it all better). Who would want to come to such a crappy place and mingle with such horrid people?

Well, guess what President BO? Everything you’ve been telling the world about us for the past 10 months worked…you’ve scared them off and nobody wants to come play with us any more…you took away the Shining City on the Hill and turn it into a dump on the corner…

But the Chicago Trinity knows manipulation can be powerful. Just use a bunch of sentimental sappy words and you’ll have people eating out of your hands. Coach Winfrey’s been doing it for decades.

So for her presentation at the IOC Michelle Obama gets up and her basic sales pitch is this:

“Some of my best memories are sitting on my dad’s lap, cheering on Olga and Nadia, Carl Lewis, and others for their brilliance and perfection.”

At first glance this may seem like a harmless, cutesy statement, but upon closer inspection a couple of things become alarming and show the manipulation and bent of this group.

Olga Korbut was a gymnast that competed for the USSR between 1972 and 1976. Ok, we can see an 8 years old Michelle in her Daddy’s lap, but a 12 year old? Hum, ok maybe, but borderline at best?

Nadia Comaneci was a Romanian gymnast who performed at the Olympics in 1976 and 1980 so, her again Michelle was 12 in 1976 and a whopping 16 in 1980. Sitting in my Daddy’s lap watching TV was the last thing on my mind at 16.

But there’s even something else here…the cheering is for Communist, socialist athletes. Guess the plain old white bread USA team was just too lame to cheer for, or even mention in the IOC presentation. Guess Michelle really did mean it when she said she was proud of her country for the first time when President. BO was campaigning for Presidency…proud because a man that is 50% black and 50% white can be President. The question should be…"Why not and why does it have to be racial?”

Michelle did mention cheering on Carl Lewis an outstanding track star if there ever was one (and someone people in Alabama have great pride in I might add). Only problem here is Lewis’ first Olympics game was in LA in 1984 when Michelle was a very big girl of 20 sitting in Daddy’s lap. And of course, cheering on Lewis was racially politically correct.

You can hear Michelle’s speech here. It’s long and very narcissistic…full of me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, I, I, I etc. There was nothing in the speech about the greatness of Chicago or the US and what the town and the country could offer the Games and the visitors from other countries. No selling points to sell this county and it greatness, it technology, the warmness of the people and the love of sports. It was about the Chicago Trinity pure and simple…

This whole ball of wax doesn’t boil down to some of us are so “Un-American” as to not root for the USA to get to the Olympics in 2016 just because Barak Hussein Obama desires it. It has to do with what kind of damage and harm is being done in insidious ways to this great country. So folks, it really gets down to the nasty in two areas here:

1. These people will tell you and the world anything…even what they think sounds good but may not be true…just to woe you and get you to believe them. In some circles people like that are called liars. They will manipulate you to no end and expect you to enjoy having it done and maybe even ask for more. How can you trust what they say about health care reform, taxes, Social Security, job loss or creation, the economy or anything else that will dramatically alter your life?

2. If President BO can’t be convincing and powerful enough to bring home a sporting event…how can we have confidence in him to have to strength and power to deal with despots like Iran’s “I’m-a-nut-job” or Korea’s Kim Jong-Il? How can he have the strength to run this country period? The man has never had a position even running a lemonade stand…he is a political egghead. He is a very wealthy politician who has no idea how the real world works.

People we are in a world of hurt right now and I don’t even think Alice is in Wonderland…

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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