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Gender Divorce Gap After Illness Strikes

Gender Divorce Gap After Illness Strikes.

I read this article on WebMD this morning and found it interesting, highly pertintent and unfortunately from personal experience sadly true.

You see I am a two time NON-smoking lung cancer survivor. In addition I have multiple chronic health problems including several autoimmune disorders. In 2001 my spouse of 27 years, Gomez the unremarkable, walked out on me for a wealthy co-worker of his. My case goes to prove that the length of a marriage doesn’t innoculate you from this sad happenstance of life. One thing Gomez said when he left me…besides he had been used up by our son, my family and the church…was the fact he was tired of taking care of me. The thing he mentioned was bringing me (an occasional) glass of tea.

Not too long after Gomez abandoned me I read a statistic that 97% of men with ill spouse walk out on them but 97% of women with ill spouses stay with their spouses.

What this says about devotion and vows is sad to see…

Please take the time eto read the article especially if you are a woman…

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