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Room with a View, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Room with a View

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Recently we traveled to Rochester, MN to help mark Tall & Handsome’s mother’s 90th birthday. Yes, I said 90th! We also spent Thanksgiving with his family up there, which includes three huge, loveable, gentle giants…AKA three Golden Retrievers.

When we left to go home we first traveled a little further north…up into the arrowhead of Minnesota up along the North Shore. I had spent some time there myself back in 1987 but, T & H had never visited the area.

We both had revelations on the journey. His related to the general discovery and beauty of the place…mine was that it’s as cold as a witch’s patootie up there this time of the year, but has an almost haunting beauty! Since I was there in `87 there has been some growth in the area and several “resorts” have been built. Little Two Harbor, MN also seems to have seen a growth spurt.

We stayed at a placed called Superior Shores Resort. Keep in mind that at this time of the year (and because the area was lacking the normal snowfall they receive for skiers) the rates were astoundingly affordable! Our room had a gas fireplace, and jetted tub…and a view! The accommodations were not super plush, but were comfortable and clean and more along the lines of cabin rustic…appropriate for the area. It was pet friendly…something we needed since we had Scoot…also know as Watson the Wonder Dog. The only glitch was we were quoted one priced and after we looked at the room we were told it would be $20 more because of the pet…even though they already knew we were looking for pet friendly accommodations.

There’s a restaurant on the grounds called Kamloops. It was very tasty and wasn’t what we were expecting to find in the middle of nowhere on the North Shore. T & H had Smoke Duck Fettuccini and I had Smoked Pork Chops topped with apple butter and grilled sliced apples. My only complaint was the meal didn’t arrive with the promised bread. We divided a scrumptious slice of White Chocolate Cheesecake with a raspberry coulis that was…unforgettable!

So, I thought I’d share some picture form the Resort and our “room with a view”.

Ice in the Pond

Pond in front of the Resort – yes, there’s ice on that pond!

Room with a View - Superior Shores 2

Room with a View – Shore of Lake Superior

Room with a View - Superior Shores 1

More View – you can kind of see the window screen of the window I took the picture through…

Room with a View - Superior Shores 3

Along the North Shore – from Superior Shores Resort

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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