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Where We Goeth…Well, So Does He…, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Where We Goeth…Well, So Does He…

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Since adding a Miniature Schnauzer to the family we’ve learned it’s a whole lot like adding a small child to the family. I’ve often described Watson as a little boy zipped up in a dog suit. After spending time with his canine “cousins”, T & H’s sister’s dogs we realize just how much like a baby he is to us. He knows us as “Momma” and “Poppa”, not our first names…I mean after all, when you adopt a dog you’re becoming parents, right?!

The older he gets Watson is becoming more like a Velcro dog…not less like one. A Velcro dog is one of those dogs that sticks to you all the time…you are their person and they aim to be with you ALL the time!

Watson made extra sure of that during a recent (cold) trip we took. He was not satisfied (or happy I might add) to ride in the back. He had to ride up front the majority of the time…in Mom’s lap.

The other day I couldn’t resist grabbing my cell phone and snapping a few pics as he laid there catching Zs…he was so cute I could have gobbled him up with a spoon. For those observant souls amongst you, you might also notice his bling…all I can say is ROLL TIDE!

Watson traveling in style

Traveling in Style

Style - see the bling

Oh, yeah! (See my bling…?)

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