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Winterberries, by Beverly Hicks Burch


By Beverly Hicks Burch

Recently, after visiting with Tall & Handsome’s family in Minnesota we decided to go a little further North before we turned South and headed home. I had spent some time on the North Shore of Lake Superior several years ago and I wanted to share the area with T & H. The fact that we have an anniversary coming up in a few weeks did hurt either.

One thing I noticed was a particular kind of tree…there were quite a few as a matter of fact, in many places in the area. This time of the year most of the foliage on trees is long gone and they look dead for the winter, but these trees were covered in bright red berries.

I couldn’t help but think, “Winterberries”! And, how cool the berries would look in Christmas decorations. I don’t know what kind of tree they were, but they certainly added wonderful splashes of color and life scattered all along the very cold North Shore.

More Winterberries 

Winterberries on the North Shore


Winterberries and the Light

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