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As Spring Begins…, by Beverly Hicks Burch

As Spring Begins…

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Let me tell you…"global warming” hit Alabama hard this year! We had several snows and over a week where the temp did not even reach the freezing point for the high of the day! I think the high one day was about 17 F°.

Flash forward to now…today’s high is predicted to be 78 and tomorrow is suppose to be 82. Auugh! I am not ready for summer. A you may know, I am NOT a summer baby…it’s the only thing I hate about living in the South…hot, humid summer weather…but, hey, it’s really good for your skin 🙂

As we head for that long hot summer, I thought I’d leave us with a little reminder of what it was like just a few short weeks ago. In the weeks ahead when temps reach toward 90 something…or heaven forbid 100…just look at this pics and stare long and hard…and feel the cool chill…

These pictures were taken during our last spring snow here in central Alabama by Tall & Handsome. I think he captured the cold beauty of the new snow…

Last snow in AL 2010

Last snow in AL 2010 B

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