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Predicting Fibromyalgia: Results of 25-Year Study

Predicting Fibromyalgia: Results of 25-Year Study.

How do you compare to this 25 year study? I was surprised to discover the allergy connection. With me though I don’t know if it’s a case of which came first…like the chicken or the egg. When I was a child I don’t recall having many allergies, but as I got older I seemed to have developed them, but I also seem to have FMS and other problems, too.

As far as the morning sickness all I can say is OMG!! I was sick the entire time I was pregnant…24/7 and actually had to be hospitalized twice because I was so sick.

So, in my mind there many be something to the study…

Smoking wasn’t a factor for me. I was a NON-smoker wasn’t raised by smokers or married to a smoker. That gives me 2 out of 3….

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