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April Showers Brought…, by Beverly Hicks Burch

April Showers Brought…

By Beverly Hicks Burch

It hasn’t been a dry spring here in Bama. We’ve had our fair share of showers in April…and May and so far even in June. This is good news considering the drought situation we endured a few of years ago.

According to my favorite weather people, James Spann and his crew at ABC 33/40, it looks like the wet stuff might hang around at least until Monday. James is my favorite weather anchor. I missed his coverage when I was an ex-pat living out of state. He’s what I call a “salt of the earth” person. I’ll never forget his coverage of the tornado outbreak of 1998. I’ve been watching James for years…I remember when James had hair!

Just this morning, Tall & Handsome looked out the bathroom window as he was brushing his teeth and he said, “I love our little garden.” Our little container garden has definitely benefited from all those showers! We’re already reaping rewards, enjoying herbs like mint, cilantro, parsley and several kinds of basil. On Memorial Day we used a couple of our home-grown jalapenos. Talk about a kid in a candy store…New Mexican born guy + home-grown peppers = happy hubby:)

It rained again yesterday so I took a little time this morning to survey the “garden”. Things are still growing along! And I can hardly wait…

Tomato gardening tips:

1. When blossoms appear on your tomatoes and peppers, be sure to spray them with blossom set. This prevents the blossoms from falling off before the fruit has time to develop and set.

2. This is a “Mr. Lovelady” tip. Mr. Lovelady was my surrogate granddaddy and had a backyard garden every year. He and Mrs. Lovelady patiently and lovingly taught me a lot: as your tomato plants grow, pinch out the “suckers” that begin to grow in the “V” point of the limb branches. This growth is unnecessary and will actually reduce fruit production.

Mammoth Jalapeno

Mammoth Jalapeno Pepper

Regular Jalapenos

Regular sized Jalapeno

Red Bell Pepper

This will eventually be a red bell pepper…

Greek oregano

Greek Oregano



Oh Mint how you've grown

Oh, Mint! How you’ve grown…


Raindrops…proof positive…on impatients

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