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At Around The Block with The BamaSteelMagnolia(TM) – Sugar and Spice

Well, if you’d like to know about the latest quilt project I’m involved in take a look over at Around the Block with the BamaSteelMagnolia™. The other day I got to visit my sister and my new cutie pie of a niece. I just love saying that…I have a niece. She’s a special little bundle that came to our family by way of China. My sister and her husband flew over in May to bring her home and we’ve just been in love with her since we saw the first pictures.

My sister had prayed for this day for many years and when it happened it began to happen fast! Pam emailed me a picture of Abbi back in the spring right before they left for China. It was a picture they had received from the orphanage or adoption agency. The minute I opened the attachment and saw her little face I started crying. T & H was sitting next to me and he didn’t know what on earth was going on. A picture is worth a thousand words and when I showed him the picture it was like, “nuff said”.

Last fall I found out that while I was living out of state Pam had taken some quilting lessons and made a baby quilt. She just never got the chance to get it quilted. For years Pam was a career teacher.

Before I left the other day I asked Pam if she would like for me to quilt it for her and Abbi. It would be my pleasure to do that for them. I explained it may take a bit with everything going on in my life at the moment, but Pam understands given she’s a new mom and got her hands full, too.

For a look at Pam’s first quilt project, take a look at Sugar and Spice over at Around The Block with the BamaSteelMagnolia™.

Abbi's Quilt

Abbi’s Quilt

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