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Travelogue, by Beverly Hicks Burch


By Beverly Hicks Burch

Friday I spent seven and a half hour driving in a Jeep by myself to see my Tall & Handsome. After almost seven years of marriage we’re still kind of like newlyweds and anytime apart is sorely felt. I spent a lot of time reflecting on our history yesterday…replaying some of our highlights and someday I just may share some of them.

We were almost giddy with anticipation the last few miles to my destination and he “talked” me in those last few miles. I had headed south and east Friday morning…expecting sun and etc. and headed right into clouds and rain. So it was kind of drizzling when I arrived.

I pulled into a Burger King parking lot as a rendezvous point. Wouldn’t you know it, right behind me I watched as in pulled 10 LARGE charter busses from a college…I think in was Georgia A & M or something like that. So…T & H had to maneuver literally hundreds of walking bodies as he pulled into the lot, find my Jeep and have me follow him out to less crowded parts.

That meant we wouldn’t be recreating in the Burger King parking lot our infamous airport scene when we met for the first time. That one, ladies, is one of those “good enough for the movies” memories.

We met face to face for the very first time at the Birmingham airport after courting over email, chat and phone for almost a year. He walked out of the Birmingham in tight blue jeans, cowboy boots and Stetson. I stepped out of my car walked around to where he stood on the curb and he met me half way. I remember looking into his big blue eyes and he said, “Hi Baby.” And then he kissed me under his Stetson…I knew then what chocolate must feel like when it melts…

So, the folks at Burger King missed out…

Instead we drove on towards St. Simons Island and to a neat place called The Crab Shack for a date night and a good dinner…of course after the appropriate greeting of each other out front 😉

About midday today we drove over to our friends David and Joanna’s. We’ve known them since Knoxville where T & H and Dave worked together and now they’re working together again. We adore them and have had some great times with them and swapped some great meals over the years…we also share the same anniversary.

We decided on an early dinner and tried The Oyster Shack…where I had crab cakes and fried corn on the cob…for the first time ever. Not bad…don’t know if you’ve noticed a food theme going on here…seafood. That means T & H has died and gone to heaven and the streets are paved with golden shellfish shells…and drawn butter in the dew on the lawn…

Afterwards T & H and I decided to do a little looking around before it got too dark. I might add here that it had rained off and on all day…again…and we certainly didn’t have to worry about getting sunburn. You can probably guess the first place I’m going to seek out…island…coast…lighthouse…

So I thought I’d give you a little travelogue of our day in pictures.

Clouds & Light

My first view of the lighthouse

Catching up on history

T & H catching up on history

The Story Behind

And the history is…

St. Simons Lighthouse & the Keepers House

St. Simons Island Lighthouse and the Keep’s House

So cool

A happy man

Optimistic Thinking

I was thinking optimistically…sunglasses…

I see you by the sea

What seafarers look for…

Oleander and Light

Oleander and Light

Choppy Waters

Will shrimp for dinner…

He looks cold - but he's not

How does he manage to look so cold in 70+ degree weather?


I want to burst out in a Drifters song when I see this

Rnjoying the view


Weathervane - but he's real!

Weathervane – only he’s real!

Really old Southern oak 

The iconic tree of the Old South…the Southern Live Oak


You know you're in the Old South when...

You know you’re in the Deep Old South when you see…Southern Live Oak and Spanish Moss every where…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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