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Lions and Tigers and Parasitic Human Babies…Oh, My!, By Beverly Hicks Burch

Lions and Tigers and Parasitic Human Babies…Oh, My!

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Yesterday, I had a lot on my plate I had to take care of before I could turn my attention to the TV and news. But, when I did the radar for the “newshound” in me went off immediately. Guess the dead giveaway was the SWAT team…the word “hostages”…oh, yeah and the word BOMB! That’ll get your attention every time let me tell you…

I will admit I wasn’t paying too much attention at first because I was kind of unwinding from the day…plus, I didn’t have on my new, super duper, no-line bifocal, “gee-can-I-really-see-out-of-these” glasses. But once I put on those puppies, let me tell you, everything came into focus really fast!

It appeared that some nut job had taken over the headquarters of The Discovery Channel in Silver Springs, MD, taken hostages and of course was “making demands”. He was armed and prepared for his own little type of war. Evidently, it was reported he had strapped explosives to his body and was equipped with a “kill switch” also known as a “dead man’s switch”. In other words, you kill that fool, you blow the place and the innocent up. It’s a device used by really sweetheart kind of people, don’t you know…

When Tall & Handsome came home we stepped out for a bite to eat and I asked him if he had heard what had happened at Discovery. He asked, “the credit card company?”

And, I knew then I had to get us on the same wavelength, so I gave him a recap of the afternoon’s events. By then, the SWAT team had done their job which was to eliminate the nut job/terrorist to protect the lives of the hostages.

Details had begun to leak out about this guy’s manifesto and his revolutionary ideas. He was slightly peeved with The Discovery Channel because he felt they had too much programming that encouraged people to have “parasitic human children”.

Being a tad sarcastic, I said, to T & H, “Well, I guess that’s one more person that’s been driven over the edge by “Kate plus 8.” I mean really can we take this woman out of the spotlight?! Did you see her dance on Dancing With the Stars?! You absolutely needed pain reliever to endure it…but, the children are innocent and in my book being used by her…and their dad.

Well, oops, my bad! This nut job evidently did have Kate and the Duggar family (don’t get me started on them…and just for the record, I do believe in the sanctity of life, but we’re also told to do all things with temperance [Gal 5:22-23 NASB]…and popping out 19 or 20 babies throws temperance to the wind in my book…) And even though these TV shows are not my cup of tea, they certainly are not worth annihilating mankind over them!

Now I know some people may think I’m being a tad judgmental by calling James Jay Lee, a nut job. I would reply, get a life, but instead I would direct you to his website where he espouses his manifesto and viewpoint on life, mankind and human babies. Folks, it is riveting reading and insight into a twisted mind…and one that I’m sure is not singular in its way of thinking…

Lee wanted to force The Discovery Channel to incorporate his twisted viewpoints into their programming…and make it entertaining! I can see it now…”50 Ways to Annihilate Mankind and Have Fun Doing IT!” Sponsored by

Lee says he had an awakening, an epiphany if you will, when he saw Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. I suppose it was a little “inconvenient” for James Lee to do his research to find out science is conflicted on the “global warming” scenario and that some data has been “fudged” and to find out that Gore has made mega big bucks on the business of “global warming”.

For instance, estimated that Gore’s net worth was $1million dollars in 2001. By 2007 he was worth $100 million dollars! I don’t know about you, but in my book that’s a whole lot of hot air! Not only that, but The Tennessee Center for Policy Research released figures that Gore’s mansion in Nashville used more energy in one month than twice what most Americans use in a year! His average monthly electric bill was $1,359! Talk about a whited sepulcher…

James Lee was also influenced by a book titled My Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. This book is part of a trilogy in which a telepathic ape teaches mankind about the wrongs of the creation story, the Garden of Eden, the overpopulation of mankind and well, you get the idea. I don’t know about you, but the only thing my Miniature Schnauzer “telepathically” tells me is when he comes and stares at me…that means, “I really need to go outside…NOW…”

Other than that, so far he hasn’t told me that mankind should stop birthing “parasitic human babies”. As a matter of fact, as smart as he is, he’s probably figured out that if that ever happened he might die of heartworm disease because who would give him his heartworm medication, oh, yeah and what about rabies…and all those rubs and pats and love and attention he gets from those human parasites? As smart as he is, I think he’s just fine stringing us along and playing us just like he does and has us eating out of his paw…he’ll keep it that way…

It never ceases to amaze me that people like James Lee always make mankind as the bad guys. We are the cause of ALL bad in the world. Anything harmful, anything deadly. Nature is pure, gentle, kind…you always hear a lullaby playing in the background when talking about “nature”. Makes you just want to grab people like this by the nape of the neck and take them into the jungle and let them watch nature in action. Guess they’ve never seen a lion ripe the throat of a gazelle open, or a bear maim another animal, and would they willingly walk through a pit of vipers, asps or cobras. No, nature can be one of the deadliest encounters a human can face.

And a sweet, innocent baby when loved, adored, nurtured and raised right can be one of the best things the world has ever seen…and the least likely thing from a parasite.

Actually, there was one Child that grew up and said: ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.” Matt 5:5

These “parasites” usually do a pretty good job of being good “stewards”…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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