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Picture of the Day – Camouflaged, by Beverly Hicks Burch


Can you see the little camouflaged fellow hanging on for dear life? He’s in the lower center of the photograph. I was very surprised to see him when I was reviewing the pictures I took this morning…I didn’t see him when I was out there and if I had I probably would have run squealing back into the condo 😉 Yeah, I’m such a girly girl sometimes…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – Camouflaged, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. We lived in SC for several years. Chameleons are common there. Dozens cavorted around our patio. One of our pleasures was watching the little insurance salesmen scamper up a tree only to become invisible, melding into the bark. Whatever surface they occupied, it only took them seconds to camouflage themselves. NICE PHOTO.

    1. Thanks, Jack! He certainly surprised me. I was out there snapping away. I was hoping I could stage a quilt I finished out there, but it didn’t work. I came in, downloaded the pics onto my computer and WOW! there he was. Bet he saw me…I just didn’t see him until I came in lol!

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