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Facebook Faux Pas, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Facebook Faux Pas

By Beverly Hicks Burch

If you even vaguely keep up with current events and the news, you will on occasion hear of abuses on social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook. Just last week it was discovered that eco terrorist James Jay Lee had a MySpace page from which he could rant about his twisted viewpoints on “parasitic human babies” and telepathic apes. Of course, once he stormed the headquarters of The Discovery Channel with bombs, explosives and guns and then proceeded to take “parasitic human” hostages, MySpace took his page down . Hummm, wonder why?

Both networking sites have been used for nefarious reasons…stalking, harassment, identity theft, spamming unwanted ads and hacking private information. We’ve heard about the MySpace case involving a jealous mother who created a bogus male account to at first woo the rival of her daughter, then spew hurtful mean spiteful words at her. Of course the woman was a coward because she was hiding behind a computer screen, and she was evil. Her actions drove a young girl to suicide, and when found out the mom was like “Oh, it was just a joke! I never thought anything like this would happen!”

My response is WHATEVER you crazy witch! What adult in their right mind would do something like that anyway?!

Facebook isn’t so lily white either. They’ve had problems with registered sex offenders getting through their “security”. In seems in 2009 thousands of sex offending refugees booted from MySpace found a comfy home on Facebook until someone called their attention to it. But, as recent as Aug. 10th of this year, another sex offender was found on Facebook.

Facebook also allows other putrid groups to flourish on the sites under the “freedom of speech” guise. One group called “I fuckin hate that Richard Hammond is on Facebook” has been reported to Facebook’s “abuse page, but as I write was still up. Hammond’s offense is that he evidently was in an automobile accident and was horribly disfigured and the person who started the Facebook page felt he should have gone ahead and died.

One girl, Carrie Lindzy Davies, on the Facebook abuse page stated on Aug. 15, “It’s not r.a.p.e it’s surprise sex…I’ve reported this page multiple times and it’s still up…

Then of course, there’s the Jeffery Dahmer and All You Can Eat Buffet Page and several Charles Manson pages. One page is dedicated to the Sexuality of Adolf Hitler and there’s a John Wayne Gacy page.

There are just posts and posts of such reports on the Facebook abuse wall.

And then of course there’s the case of Maryland woman Karen Beth Young. Young joined Facebook in Feb. 2010. She launched her profile and two other pages that were inspired by her mother’s and sister’s battle with breast cancer. People were so touch by Karen’s story and plight that her friend list soon reached 5,000 and she started a petition to allow people’s friend list to exceed 5,000. Soon after, her account was shut down for non-specific reasons.

Now Karen sounds like a truly determined gal. She drove all the way from Maryland to Facebook headquarters in California to ask “why?’. The main gist of the conversation there was “Oh we’ve have people drive farther than you, from Canada.” (Ok, people in my mind that tells me Facebook screws up a lot if they have people driving all the way to California to straighten it out! Egg on your face Facebook!) Karen was then told her account was reinstated, but by the time she got back to Maryland it was closed again. Karen is suing Facebook…and who can blame her?

Then right on the coattails of this debacle a mother in Australia has desperately been trying to get Facebook to shut down the account of a stalker who is stalking her 12 year old daughter and her friends. Facebook will not shut the stalker down, but did speak through a law firm located in Australia. Their response? To paraphrase,” the girls have no business being on Facebook since the legal age to join is 14”. Oooo-kay…so let’s just let those ol’ perves play. And g’day to yall Down Under, too…

And, then of course there’s the lawsuit filed on Aug 28th by the parents of underage kids. They allege that their teenager’s names and images were sold to advertisers without their permission. Now is that slimly and slick or what?

I know many of you are wondering, “What on earth has gotten into Bev on this fine September morning? What bee got into her bonnet and spur under her saddle?”

Well, let me tell you. My Momma and Daddy always did say I had a soft spot for the underdog and those being treated unfairly. And what I’m about to tell you falls into both of those categories.

When I married my Tall & Handsome I inherited two of the nicest in-laws a gal could hope to have. T & H’s sister and her husband are just what my Daddy and us folks down South call “salt of the earth people”. Humble, unpretentious, just the kind of people that make life good and worthwhile.

Fred worked for decades at IBM. The man has a MENSA IQ but knows how to enjoy the simple things in life. He enjoys cooking holiday meals for his family, woodworking, and reading and adores his kids and grandkids. He is kind, humorous and generous.

Cindy is like the Golden Retrievers she loves so much…loving, happy, loyal, kind, generous, protective and thoughtful. She loves her family.

They are both devoted to their church.

This past May their youngest grandchild was born and a joyous event turned scary very quickly and out of the blue. Fred’s daughter had, unknown to everyone, including the doctors, developed acute fatty liver pregnancy. This is a serious complication and it is life threatening to both the mother and the infant. It’s also very rare and usually isn’t evident until it presents itself, in other words, most times there’s no way to predict when and if it will happen.

In this case it was touch and go for both the mother and child. There were a lot of prayers said for those two. Both were in ICU, with the infant in NICU. It was a joyous thankful time when each got to leave the hospital and go home.

Of course as proud grandparents like to do, pictures of grandkids are shared…and what better place than Facebook. Right? Fred had a Facebook account and so did Cindy. And pictures of cute, sweet little Henry were posted. Then the other day, retired grandfather Fred had the newest picture available of his new grandson and he wanted to post it on his Facebook page. When he went to login he was stunned to find out that Facebook had closed his account!

On what grounds you might ask? Because of Fred’s name. You see since 1943 he has been Fred (Frederick) Krueger. Yes, you read that right…because his REAL name is Fred Krueger and always has been Facebook closed his account!!

What is even more galling is they advised him that is WHY they are closing his account AND not to contact them concerning it AND not to attempt to appeal their decision!!

Facebook, people cannot help the names they are given at birth and you are practicing discrimination. Just since I’ve shared this with friends I’ve been told by one friend about a house she bought. She bought the home from a police officer named Ronald McDonald. She also knew a minister born in 1915 named Donald Duck. 1915 is waaaay before Disney came up with his daffy cartoon.

I’m sure these poor guys went through their own personal type of hell with these names after some Hollywood type or Madison Ave. guru decided their names were perfect for a duck and a clown. Just because Wes Craven hijacked my brother-in-law’s name doesn’t mean Facebook has the right to erase him as a person!

I don’t know about you, but to me this smacks of Facebook’s arrogance and it sounds like another one of those “lawsuits we will fight vigorously” (to quote Facebook) in the making. Looks like they’re losing a whole lot a cash fighting vigorously lawsuits for their many Facebook faux pas.

Now, it they want to jump of me and close my account for speaking my mind, I know a crusty ol’ Southern lawyer that might just like to talk to them about freedom of speech…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Faux Pas, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. Hey Bev,
    This is the letter that Fred received from Facebook when they closed his account.

    From: The Facebook Team
    Date: September 1, 2010 4:21:31 PM CDT
    Subject: Re: My Personal Profile was Disabled
    Reply-To: The Facebook Team


    Your account has been disabled because we have determined that you are not representing yourself authentically on Facebook. Fake accounts are a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. All accounts must abide by the following policies:

    • You must provide your real first name and last name.
    • Impersonating anyone or anything is prohibited.
    • Profiles created to represent celebrities, pets, ideas, or inanimate objects are strictly prohibited.
    • Profiles created for the purpose of spamming or harassing others are strictly prohibited.

    People on Facebook want to interact with their real friends and the people they know in the real world. Since fake accounts can damage the integrity of this environment, they are not allowed to remain on the site.

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to reactivate this account for any reason, nor will we provide further information about your violation or the systems we have in place. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    User Operations

  2. Thanks for bringing this to light. I work with Cindy and encouraged her to pursue this online. She and her husband are wonderful people that do not deserve this.

    I will share this with my social circle on Twitter, (some 12,000 plus people) to get the word out. I just can’t figure out why Facebook can’t pull their head out long enough to determine that there needs to be a review process here to determine credibility.

    I am glad to see you taking care of family as well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tim and responding. I feel the same way about Fred and Cindy, too. What Facebook has done is totally hypocritical considering the other stuff that goes on within the confines of Faccebook pages.

      I also twittered it on my account. Feel free to direct your followers to the blog here so they can read the full story…and then maybe they can spread the story. I’m hoping this will soon go viral on the internet and Facebook will be forced to respond!

      Thanks again,

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