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Last Chance, Lasting Memories and Treants, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Tall & Handsome and I spent our last evening on the Island trying to make a few memories that would last us for a while.

We had one of the best meals we had since I’ve been here. We ate at Barbara Jean’s. She’s Brunswick/St. Simons Island’s answer to Paula Deen and let me tell you the bread and the crab cakes will make your tongue slap the back of your head. The veggies are great, too. Or course, foodies that we are we had to pick up her cookbooks as souvenirs.

Barbara Jean's - where we had our best dinner

Barbara Jean’s on St. Simons waterfront


It had rained earlier in the afternoon and cooled down the temps and cleared out the humidity. The night air was cool against our skin and the sea breeze was gentle and welcoming as we walked out after dinner. The breeze and the sound of crashing waves beckoned us for one last walk. We headed toward the lighthouse. My passion never dies for these beacons of hope and St. Simons Island Lighthouse was standing bright in the night shining light to guide anyone offshore navigating in the darkness.

Weekend before last when we had been down at the water front I remembered seeing how the ancient, old oak trees were lit for the night. It was a hauntingly beautiful sight and I told T & H then that I’d like to photograph the trees at night. To me they look like the wizened old treants from Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring trilogy and other lore.

Old Oak at nite A - Treants

Old Oaks at Night b - Treants


Old Oaks at Night D - Treants

Old Oaks at Night F - Treants Old Oaks at Night G - Treants

Old Oaks at Night H - Treants

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