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Highlights of Obama’s deficit reduction proposals…what idiot came up with these?!

Highlights of deficit reduction proposals – FoxNews.com.

Please read this article! If you care about your financial future and this country READ THIS. Then contact you Senators and Representatives and tell them this isn’t acceptable. Remind them what happened last week during the last election…and that the house cleaning can keep on keeping on…

This man is totally out of his league. He has sent this country on a downward spiral in two short years and these proposals will pretty much put us where the Bolsheviks put Mother Russia…in the toilet.

Here are just a few of the proposals:

  • Reduce the cost of living raise for Social Security (how secure is that?!)
  • Raise the age of retirement eventually to the age of 69. The French just rioted in the streets when their government tried to raise their retirement age to 60!!
  • Raise the threshold of how much of your income can be taxed for Social Security
  • Eliminate the child tax credit
  • Eliminate the mortgage interest deduction
  • Put a 15 cent tax on gasoline
  • Eliminate the tax free status of employer provided health care…in other words you’ll pay a tax on the health insurance you buy at work

And starting Jan. 1, 2011 the inheritance tax or death tax increases to 55%. That means if, for the sake of round numbers you have a 1 million dollar estate and hope to leave your family with no money worries…forget about that!!! All those years you worked to take care of your family were for nothing. The government will get 55%. So, out of 1 million dollars the government would get $55o,000 and the family would get $450,000.

How fair is that? This is one of the worst presidents in our history and he needs to be taken to the proverbial woodshed via elections…

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2 thoughts on “Highlights of Obama’s deficit reduction proposals…what idiot came up with these?!”

  1. Another sledge hammer to the middle class (take away the only tax deduction left???). This corrupt and shameful administration had best stop trying to destroy the middle class – though they won’t. At least we have one house of Congress to castrate these would-be destroyers of our great nation.

    What will the Martians do now with their Manchurian candidate?

    1. I wish there was a Martian ray gun that could make this type of insanity disappear!

      I personally think everyone should be required to watch the film Dr. Zhivago. Not because I view it as a great “love” story, but because it’s a great illustrator of what happens when socialism and communism take hold…people will be sharing their homes with the masses, calling each other “comrade”, chopping up the furniture to burn for heat…oh, and if they can find it, using toilet paper that has the subtlety of wood chips.

      No wonder vodka became the national pastime of the USSR!

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing.


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