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Twas the Night Before Christmas 2010, by Beverly Hicks Burch

There nothing like the laughter of children to bring home the specialness of the season that Christmas is…after all Christmas started with the birth of a Child.

This year we have a little lump of sugar in our family that just melts our hearts and makes us thankful there is a God in Heaven who watches out for each and every one of us. He watched over her and brought her safely to our family so we could hear the joy of a child’s laughter (for instance like grown ups doing the silliest things like when Aunt Bev used her napkin as a matching bib and then Granddad followed suit! Before long Abbi had us all in matching napkin bibs while she was cackling with laughter so sweet it made you want to cry.)

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope yours is as sweet as ours!


Twas the NIght Before Christmas 2010 B

Twas the Night Before Christmas 2010 A

Little Miss Cancy Cane 2010

Little Miss Candy Cane 2010


Too cute

Aunt Bev refused to be seen with a carrot in her mouth….why I don’t know *shrug*…


What's Under the Tree

What’s under the tree?


Granddad waht's in that big green box

Granddadd, what’s in the Big Green box?!


Now it's time to set the table

Time to set the table…


One lump or two

One lump or two…


Tea for Two

Tea for Two…


Tech Girls Rock

Tech Girls Rock!


Mutual aDoration Society going here

Mutual aDoration society…


The wonders of owning your first home

The wonders of 1st time home ownership…


Merry Christmas Aunt Yvon

Merry Christmas Aunt Yvon!


Uncle Reggie you really should see this

Uncle Reggie you really should see this!!


Our Little Sugar Plum

Our little Miss Sugar Plum…


© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.




4 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before Christmas 2010, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. Thanks Bev for capturing a small part of the joy of last night (Christmas Eve) with photos. Wasn’t that little Prnicess a joy to behold. I wish we could have caught the sound of that big great room with the sound of her laughter ringing througout. She had us all dancing on our head for her.

    Thanks…and a great blog. Did you send it to Bob and Pam?



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