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Dear Abbi, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Dear Abbi

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Baby girl, I’ve been percolating on writing this letter to you for some time now. Seems like every time I try to set down to do it something happens or I just get so emotional I can’t seem to even write. After Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve I knew more than ever I had to write it…and after my little scare in the hospital I knew I didn’t want to ever leave this old world without you knowing a few things.

So, here’s the truth of it. Most of our lives we wait for certain things. All of us do. To be loved, to be understood, to feel wanted, secure, safe, needed, happy, fulfilled, creative, productive and worthwhile. Sometimes we get those things…either in bits and pieces or all at once and sadly sometimes our lives maybe missing pieces of that big over all puzzle. And then, there are wonderful, glorious times when everything fits together all at once and life just seems like a grand glorious adventure.

In my life I have waited for certain things…and am still waiting for others…

I waited for a love that understood the inside of me. Someone who knew me warts and all, illness and all and still loved me so much it’s almost heartbreaking. Why? Because when we’re not together we’re just parts and not a whole. I found that in your Uncle Reggie, my Tall & Handsome southwestern cowboy who has a big marshmallow heart for little girls (he raised one) and animals. He is a good and caring man. The man loves me and adores me and still calls me his “beautiful wife”. His is a warm, secure love and I pray you find that as a young lass…a man who will love you and cherish you for the wonderful you that you are and never ever break your heart…because if he does, I’ll be standing in line behind your Daddy to have a talk with him…

As I grew it took me a while to “find” myself, but when I did look out world! I knew what I wanted, what I was called to do and wanted to do and enjoyed doing. I adored being a mom and absolutely love children. Unfortunately fate saw to it that I was only able to have one child, but that just made my love for my son planted so deep in my heart that only death will ever remove it. I knew I wanted to be as smart and savvy as I could be, so I learned and went to school. Writing and reading became a passion. And, I discovered I was drawn to my creative side. I started quilting, took up genealogy and traveled whenever I could. And, then Abbi girl, I discover the wonderful world of tech…which could easily be my crack had I more formal training. So, Baby Girl, find what “turns you on”, excites you in life and like I use to tell your cousin, my son, “as long as it’s not immoral or illegal” I will be your biggest cheerleader! Aunt Bev will cheer for you and pray for you each step of the way…

And, Abbi I waited a very long time to be one simple thing…and that is an aunt. My heart would ache to be an aunt (and oh, to have a niece!) and to see my sister experience the joys of motherhood. Part of that desire has been to “pay forward” what I have received over the years.

You see your Grandmomma (who along with Granddaddy adores you) had two sisters, Korinne and LaRue and they were my aunts. A little girl couldn’t have asked for better aunts! Your Aunt Korinne was a teacher like your Mommy and when I was little she would take me everywhere. As I got older I spent two weeks with her ever summer and she encouraged me to write and told me how talented I was. Aunt Korinne went to live with Jesus when I was 19 and I miss her to this very day, but my life would have been missing a special part had I not had her.


Juanita, Korrine & LaRue


From left to right: Your Grandmomma, Aunt Korrine and Aunt LaRue


Your Aunt LaRue is still alive and I’ve had grand adventures with her, set up all night talking, giggling, baring my soul and sometimes crying. She has been my special angel. She will listen and take the time to hear what makes me tick and she doesn’t judge me and Abbi, everyone needs that, especially on a bad day…a bad year or a bad decade…or a bad hair day 😉 And, if I have a cooking question…Aunt LaRue is the go to person…both were so musical…

I know your Momma and Daddy waited a very long time to be blessed with a little one in their house. When I look at you I know why. It’s because it was going to be you…Abbi you were the one!

One day last spring your Momma sent me an email with a picture attached. When I opened the picture I immediately started sobbing. Uncle Reggie was really concerned that something was wrong. He said, “Honey, what is it? What’s wrong?!” I turned my laptop monitor toward him and said, “Meet my niece, Abigail.” There you were sitting in a little walker thousands of miles away from our family in China, but I knew the minute I saw you…you were my niece…the waiting to be an aunt had stopped and my heart was full the minute I saw you. And, I am so thankful your Momma and Daddy share Abbi-time with Aunt Bev.

So, Baby Girl always remember these things: Aunt Bev loves you, she adores you and I would fight the Devil himself if he or anyone else ever tried to hurt you. Oh yeah, and we’ll paint toenails together and do computer stuff and girly things and all those good aunt/niece things, because you see I am the women who waited to be an aunt and now I can happily say, “I am Abbi’s aunt”.

I love you Baby Girl,

Aunt Bev


Our Little Sugar Plum

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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