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And then I had Chowder…, by Beverly Hicks Burch

The day broke and I could see the aftermath of last night’s “winter weather event”. I was a little leery to peek out of my blinds this morning because I heard  sleet and freezing rain blowing up against my bedroom window all night into the wee hours of the morning…yes, we’re talking until about 4:30AM CST.

The day up on the mountain has been grey and cold. The street is “slushy” at best and the only vehicles I’ve seen have been ATVs and 4 wheel drives.

When Watson the Wonderkin and I ventured out we found a glazed, crunchy, cold, icy world. Wonderkin wasn’t quite sure where his “potty” went AND why just last Thursday someone got the great idea to get him groomed (and it went a little too far with a summer cut).

So for now my day will be spent with hot chowder, hot coffee, a fire in the fireplace and a view of a winter wonderland…


really - you're kidding right

You’re kidding, right?


i feel so exposed

I feel so exposed…


one cold schnauzer

That’s one cold Schnauzer


hummm fire yeah right

Yes, a fire would be nice…


honey is it grill time yet

Honey, where’s the burgers?



It was still coming down in tiny little flakes


from the back

Oops, who left the back door open?


watch out for the steps

My big steps and Watsons little steps


that's crunchy slippery snow

Ice breaking


now that's cold

Now that’s cold


don't think i'll be going anywhere anytime soon

Don’t think I’ll be going anywhere anytime soon…


up the street

Up the street


twigs and ice

Branches and Ice


the burden of cold

The burden of being cold…


lower driveway

Lower driveway – skating anyone?


more lower driveway

Top of the upper driveway


wintery crepe myrtle

Wintery Crepe Myrtle





© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved






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