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Cold and Hot, Hot and Cold, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Have I mentioned I am a mountain girl at heart? Ya just can’t take it out of me.

The reverse of that I am finding is that I am not a perpetual beach person. I get bored with the same ol’ same ol’ of water and sand everywhere all the time and the unrelenting sun. I mean really…a big body of water is just that…a big body of water.

I also can not get use to the “no season” thing. I love having four seasons!  My favorites in order tend to be: fall, spring, winter and lastly summer. As a matter of fact you can’t even count summer as a favorite…I hate summer. The heat and the humidity are suffocating. I am an air condition baby…and yes, I know heat and humidity are quintessential Southern qualities when you think of Southern summers, but those two things are the only thing I dislike about living in the South. Hand to God…

This “epiphany” has been a growing realization, but the “light bulb” moment or eureka moment if you will came recently as I’ve been spending time in a subtropical coastal area. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a lovely place to visit and to vacation and find some great seafood. But, I just could never see it as “home”. A qualifying mountain here would be a fire ant hill…and then there’s that heat and humidity thing.

We’ve also gone from winter to summer with no spring…and then all of a sudden it’s cool again. I call it schizophrenic weather…

Anyway, there was signs of something that might pass as spring around here. Thought I might share a couple of pictures I took when I stepped out at midday.

Mystery Shrub

I’m not sure what kind of shrub this is but there are several all around the condo area. If you know drop me a comment and let me know…



Outside the condo window

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