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Claire de Lune or Super Moon, by Beverly Hicks Burch

claire de lune or supermoon

There’s been much hoopla lately about the “supermoon” phenomenon. The theory is since the moon is going to be in the closest proximity to the Earth than it has in 19 years, and thus, we may have the potential to see a greater chance of massive earthquakes and natural disasters. 

Of course, this theory really went viral after the recent horrific event in Japan when a 9.0 quake rocked that island nation just a week or so before the so called “supermoon”. Only problem with that theory is timing…at the time of the Japanese quake, the moon was actually closest to the apogee portion of its orbit around the Earth. The apogee phase is the part of the orbit when the moon is the greatest distance away for the Earth.

Kinda makes me wonder if these are the same scientists that were prophesying “global warming” for so many years and when we were finally inundated with ice and snow…even in the Deep South like Alabama…they decided to start calling it “climate change”…just saying…

Don’t know about you, but this moon looks like a regular full moon to me…I think most full moon are super, especially since my Tall & Handsome made them pretty special for me and gave them to me…thanks, Honey…

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved


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