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Flagler Beach Pier, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Flagler Beach Pier B

Flagler Beach Pier is the dominate landmark of Flagler Beach, FL. You just can’t miss it. It sits right on A1A as you drive along the east coast of Florida. Construction on the pier was completed in 1927 for the cost of $75,000…that’s $937,500 in 2010 dollars. The original length of the pier was 1,000 ft. but over the years the sea has swallowed up and claimed about 200 feet of the pier into the depths of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. It measures 806 ft. currently.

Tall & Handsome seems to recall a significant storm reclaiming some of that pier while his mother was living in Flagler. I know the pier suffered greatly during Thanksgiving 1985.

You can walk out on the pier between the hours of 6AM and midnight and you can also fish from the pier. The daily walk-out rate is $1.50 unless you are a senior (65+) or military, then it’s a buck. Daily fishing rate is $6.00 and $4.00 for seniors and military.

T & H asked my if I wanted to take a stroll out to the end. I looked at him and said “Seriously?!” For a non-swimmer, aquaphobia suffer that’s like asking, “Honey, would you like to walk the plank with me today?”

How `bout instead we shove bamboo skewers up my fingernails for a more enjoyable experience?

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