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Look What They’ve Done…, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Look what they've done to my architechture

Years ago there was a song that had the lyrics…”look what they’ve done to my song, Ma…”

I can’t help but hear that song in my head when I see this old Savannah home/building. Located not too far from Telfair Square, I’m sure in it’s heyday it was considered, well, at least something more than it is today…

Even with it staring us in the face, I still couldn’t talk Tall  & Handsome into those matching tatoos… Winking smile

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2 thoughts on “Look What They’ve Done…, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

    1. Yeah, the song gets stuck in my head…or as I tell my husband, gives me an earworm. The building doesn’t look that bad…I just found it ironic that it was a tatoo parlor. I’m sure some long ago mistress of the house would probably get the “vapors” if she only knew lol…

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