Alabama, Alabama Tornado Outbreak 4-27-2011, Birmingham, Birmingham AL, Cullman AL, Hackleburg AL, Moody AL, Weather

The Wonders of Modern Technology, The Horrors of Mother Nature, by Beverly Hicks Burch

 I lived through the 1973 tornado that devastated Brent, AL and then came up through Center Point, AL I also acutely remember the 1974 Tornado Super Outbreak and a horrific F5 tornado that carved a path through Birmingham on April 8, 1998.

Yes, those were scary times for my home state. They were innocent times and maybe that innocence made them seem even more scary. The thought of something so destructive baring down on you that you couldn’t see and in those days had very little forewarning of was terrorizing. It could just reach down out of the sky, zap everything around you, devastate you life and be gone in a matter of seconds.

The 1974 Super Outbreak was considered a historical event.

It pains me to say history has been repeated and surpassed. On April 27, 2011 my home state was absolutely ravaged by severe weather. As I write this as least 170+ people have lost there lives. In Tuscaloosa, home of the Alabama Crimson Tide, at least 600 people have been hospitalized. Other places…names like Birmingham…Hackleburg…Fultondale…Cullman…Moody and other places held dear to me suffered all day long under the blunt of severe weather.

T & H and I happened to be out of state at the time. The moment I heard what was happening, I grabbed my cell phone and began calling loved ones. Some I could reach…some I couldn’t. I’m still waiting to hear how our home fared through the storm.

We have the technology now that not only warns us of the impending danger, but also let’s us see the monster knocking at our doors. I don’t know which is the scariest…the days of innocence when we were clueless to the lurking danger, or the days of now when we know everything and can see it all in real time…

You can decide for yourself…

I know one thing. Suffering is suffering anytime, anywhere, any place. Please keep the people of Alabama, my people, in your thoughts and prayers…



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