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Cockspur Island Lighthouse (GA), by Beverly Hicks Burch

cockspur island lighthouse

This is Cockspur Island Lighthouse, one of the Southern lighthouses of the USA. It’s set on a little piece of land between Fort Pulaski (GA) and Tybee Island (GA) in the Savannah River.

As you can see, the lighthouse is in disrepair. I can’t recall ever seeing a lighthouse in this state of ruin. If your hearty enough you can hike out to the lighthouse. The day Tall & Handsome and I were at Fort Pulaski was right after the Race for the Cure in Savannah. Even though I had to “trolley” the 5K because I was on a cane due to a joint flair up in my left side, I would have loved to have taken the hike out to the lighthouse. But, alas, it was one of those “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” situations” that and the “watch out for alligators”.

Even though this little light cease operating in 1919, it has been lit since 2007 for strictly historical purposes. One different feature of this little light is the base. It’s shaped like the bow of a ship or boat. The thought was this would lessen the impact on the waves on the structure.

I took this picture from the ramparts of Fort Pulaski, which was no small feat considering the amazingly gusty wind that day. Holding the camera still for just a couple of seconds was nearly impossible. I was truly surprised when I saw the picture and realized it didn’t turn out looking like a bizarre wind sock…or a lighthouse zooming by on a skateboard…

The good news: for all you geeks and computer nerds out there…see what all that time on the computer does for you? Builds up the necessary muscles needs to hold a camera steady enough in almost gale force winds to capture an in focus picture!

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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