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The Cool Dude from Team GSI, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Keeping the hat on at fort pulaski

My Tall & Handsome…the cool dude of Team GSI..

This was taken after the Race for the Cure in Savannah. I was Team GSI’s “survivor”…surviving 29 1/2 cancer free years of non-smoking lung cancer in my right lung and 16 1/2 cancer free years of non-smoking lung cancer in my left lung.

Yes, people, it can happen to you even if you don’t smoke, have no known risk factors and are not exposed to second hand smoke on a routine basis. So, please, educate yourself to this deadly disease, especially if you are a woman. Why? Because more woman actually die of lung cancer than they do breast cancer! I’m a firm believer in more lung cancer awareness for women…

T & H is standing in front of Fort Pulaski (GA). You can see it in the background and if you’re very observant you’ll see the fort is surrounded by an actual water-filled moat!

I’m still amazed at T & H’s ability to hold on to that hat of his given the remarkably windy day it was…but, of course, he a remarkably wonderful guy Smile

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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