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Blood Sun, Beverly Hicks Burch

Blood Sun

Blood Sun

Currently there are hundreds of square miles of Florida and Georgia burning. Smoke hangs in the air like a London fog and ash falls from the sky like snow, or volcanic ash. Breathing is hazardous to people with respiratory problems (which includes yours truly who is a two time NON-smoking lung cancer survivor and has had major portion of both lungs removed.) You can see the effect the smoke and ash has on the sun…it appears blood red.

Monday Tall & Handsome came in from work looking smoky and sweaty and I was thinking, “what the heck?”

The first words out of his mouth were, “Honey, can you find me a bucket I can fill with water to put out a fire?”

Pushing panic and the need to run down, I looked around and thought, “Where the heck will I get a bucket?” This is a temporary arrangement, remember? All I could see from a quick look around was a very small stainless steel mixing bowl that would hold about three cups of water. My head was beginning to imagine flames knocking at my door. I could also just envision T & H running back and forth across the parking lot trying to put out a fire with a 3 cup mixing bowl. It might as well have been a thimble.

I said, “Honey why don’t we call 911 and let the professionals take care of it?”

T & H said, “Oh, that’s a good idea.” So matter of fact…

He’s just got that cowboy, hero thing…I can fix it or need to fix everything…and so, he was going to be a fireman…he had already dug a trench around the smoldering fire and thrown something on it to try and smother it out.

Long story short, the fire had ignited back up, the fire department came and put the fire out and the complex was saved.

Someone…in the dry, fire ravaged area had carelessly thrown out a cigar butt…and nearly burnt down a condo complex…there’s a name for people like that…

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