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El Tovar, the Grand Canyon and Tall and Handsome, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Reggie in the El Tovar

What is you heat index going to be today? Upper 90s? 100+? Hot, humid and miserable? Are you ready for fall…or even winter?

How about a little “power of suggestion”? Do not adjust your dial…your are now headed to the “Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone”…well, actually, the Grand Canyon.

This picture was taken in Jan. 2009 which just happened to be the time I visited one of the great wonders of the world…the Grand Canyon. Yes, I know..January…

You see, Arizona can be a very hot state…in my opinion cursedly hot. I hate hot weather…and it hates me. There’s no love/hate relationship there…it’s hate the whole way. As a result, I knew when I would have to visit the Grand Canyon, which just happened to be on my “bucket list”, and that would have to be during the cool season in Arizona.

Well, good luck on that one…at least in part…

You see, when we were there we also spent time in Scottsdale and Tucson which is south of the Grand Canyon and closer to the Mexican border. The temps there in January were what I would call almost comfortable…in the 70s and maybe the upper 60s. But, let me tell you something folks, if you live there too long your body and mind must go through some kind a genetic alteration because these delusional kind people were thoughtful enough to turn the heat on if the temp fell below 75. Burrrrrr! As a result, I went around feeling like I had fur growing in my nose a good portion of the time I was down in that area of the state unless I was outside.

But, the weekend we headed north up towards the Grand Canyon something wonderful began to happened…the temperature began to drop! Made me want to shout “Glory”! Then as we drove a little further north, something miraculous began to happen…snow began to show up on the ground outside the car window.

So I learned a valuable lesson…it’s colder in northern Arizona…

…and I really do mean colder.

We drove as far a Williams, AZ where we spent the night and then caught The Grand Canyon Railway the next morning for a ride straight to the South Rim and the Village that set on the South Rim of the Canyon. The train ride is an experience I would recommend you enjoy at least once. It’s full of surprises, refreshments and glorious scenery that you enjoy leisurely from you large train window.

Meet the engine up close

Upon arriving at the station we were greeted with more snow and a blast of Artic air and scenery that verged on the spiritual. As a bonus on our last day there is starting “spitting snow” as the westerners say. It was so cold I thought I would freeze my tatas off…it was glorious!

The picture of Tall & Handsome was taken at the El Tovar a historical lodge that sits 20 ft. from the South rim of the Grand Canyon…now that’s a place with a view! Notice the fire in the background…that wasn’t for looks it was there to give refugee from the bitter cold outside.

I asked T & H the other day if this was his “go to pose” he learned from his modeling days. Yes, I just let a teeny, tiny little cat out of the bag. T & H had a very brief career as a print model for men’s clothing. I’ve actually seen one of the ads…cool guy in shades…tall and handsome in any era…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved


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