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As Green As It Gets, by Beverly Hicks Burch

As green as it gets

This is about as green as it gets in the Sonoran Desert. If you recall, I wrote the other day about my trip to Arizona with Tall & Handsome back in January 2009. I took this picture from a speeding vehicle (figuratively, of course) as we were driving between Tucson and Scottsdale.

The Sonoran is one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America…and, you thought I was kidding about Arizona being hot. The desert covers parts of Arizona, California and Mexico.

That land formation is considered a “mountain” and those stick like things growing up the side of the mountain are saguaro cactus. You’ll find this distinctive cactus growing only in the Sonoran. They can grow to be rather large and it can take up to 75 years for one of those “arms” to form on a cactus.  They have an incredible life span…150 years or more and they are protected in Arizona where great lengths are taken to save them. It’s not unusual to see some of the larger and older ones supported and staked up with guy wires. Another fascinating thing about this cactus is the fact that birds think nothing about hollowing out holes in the trunks to make homes for themselves.

As an East Tennessee/Alabama girl, I’m use to lush green landscapes and flora. When I first visited Tall & Handsome in New Mexico we had a debate on the colors of the southwest. I said everything was brown and dead looking and there was that perpetual sunshine thing (not a good thing for a gal that likes a good rainy day). He let me know the colors were called “earth tones”. Yeah, right…potato…po-tot-o…

I just know one thing…this is about as green as it gets…

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