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I Married a Serial What?! by Beverly Hicks Burch

I Married a Serial What?!

By Beverly Hicks Burch

In another life I probably should have been a detective or some sort of forensic specialist. I’m fascinated with crime stories, the CSI franchise (yeah, I know it doesn’t really work like that in real life) and love the Investigation Discovery channel.

One of my favorite authors is Ann Rule who has written about some of the most sensational crimes and some not so sensational crimes of our time.

Ann was a policewoman in the Pacific Northwest when health constraints forced her to give up her beloved career. Ann took her love for fighting crime and turned it into a career of informing the public of the evil that lives among us. One of her causes is violence against women.

Her big “break” so to speak in the field of writing came one day when she was asked to write a book about a handsome young man who was a serial murder that had murdered young women across the USA. The further Ann dug into her research on this person she made a shocking discovery. Ann knew the young man and had actually worked with him at a crisis hotline. She had found him polite, kind and caring. He would walk her to her car every night after work and tell her she needed to be careful because there were dangerous people “out there”.

His name was Ted Bundy! Ann wrote about Ted in her first really acclaimed book A Stranger Beside Me. I’ve actually turned my Aunt LaRue onto Ann’s books and we dread the day when there are no more Ann Rule book to be read.

Tall & Handsome sometimes teases me and says he married a gal that’s interested in axe murderers. I tease him back and say with a sweet smile on my face, “All the more reason to watch you ‘Ps and Qs’, Big Guy.” Of course we’re both yanking each other’s chain and it’s all in fun.

But, it’s like I explained to him, I find the workings of the criminal mind a fascinating subject. I mean, how can otherwise seemingly normal people disguise such evil and deception behind a façade of normalcy and the rest of us be oblivious to it?

One show on Investigation Discovery (ID) I find fascinating is called “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?”

Let me tell you, if you’ve had a relationship go bad or just had a plain ol’ bad relationship, you need to watch this show! I promise it will make you feel so much better!!

Take last night show for example. This poor hapless young girl meets a 22 year old that’s a sailor in the Navy. She’s 17 at the time. They date and by the time she’s 18 or 19 they marry.

Life starts out as a struggle for the young couple until the husband starts a career as a police officer and from there life seems to go now where but up. They have three kids; hubby is promoted to Sergeant and is name Police Office of the Year by his community. Wifey is proud, overjoyed and totally supportive of hubby…even though he has begun to exhibit some odd behavior. He’s become verbally abusive and he disappears at all hours of the night…sometimes to “walk the dog” because he can’t sleep and needs to relieve stress. Is that what they call it nowadays…?

One afternoon the wife and kids come home from the movies to find half the police force including the assistant police chief at her house. Being a cop’s wife, she immediately assumes the worse…something awful has happened to her beloved husband. Little did she know the boom was about to be dropped on her and the kids. Sgt. Good Cop had been arrested as a serial rapist!

Holy cow!

I didn’t see that one coming and have to admit I let out a large gasp with that reveal. I looked at T & H and said, “Don’t you find these stories absolutely enthralling?”

He said, “Well, yes, they are interesting.” (Keep in mind my T & H can be the master of controlled understatement.)

I said, “Honey, just imagine what she felt being told her well respected “law abiding” police officer of the year husband is a brutal serial rapist. I just can’t wrap my mind around that.”

He said, “I know it would be awful.”

“Awful?!” I said. “Let me put it to you this way it would be like law enforcement coming to me and saying, ‘Mrs. Burch, we hate to tell you this, but we’ve apprehended you husband on the charge of being a serial animal killer.’”

He looked at me, blinked his big blue eyes a couple of times and then gave me a good chuckle…he understood…

Yes, folks, that’s about the worst thing I could think of that someone could tell me about my T & H, especially since he’s such a marshmallow about animals.

That is why I find these shows so fascinating…and they help put life in perspective…


Reggie 7-19-10a


© Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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